Beck Boys and the Truth about the Roswell Incident


It was January 2007 and nearing the 40th anniversary of the well-known “alledged” encounter.  Eager to put this mystery behind us and before the Entire World, we made our trek to Roswell, armed with an incredible amount of knowledge gained from years of research and data gleaned from army archives and the annals of UFOlogy.


Lucille'sWe left on a cold winter’s day heading west out of Arkansas up the I-40 corridor.  Stopping briefly for lunch at the newly-renovated Chinese Palace in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, we proceeded westward.  Near Hydro we saw Lucille’s place, an icon to Route 66 trekkies. In Weatherford, a restaurant modeled after Lucille’s, had recently opened.  We stopped in for a few pictures.  As we traveled on, the giant windmills rose out of the southwestern sky.  We almost made it to the Texas border before the sunset.   After a steak dinner at the Red River Steak House, we drove into the night, finally arriving at Herefore, Texas, where we hoped to find lodging.  Instead we found the air full of the smell of cattle dung and the motels full of travelers so we proceeded to Clovis, New Mexico.  There we secured adequate facilities and had a good night’s rest.  Next morning we located the Daylight Doughnuts and partook of their wares which were excellent.  It was an extremely foggy morning in eastern New Mexico as we made our way down US70.  We     stopped at Elida for a photo of an old trading post.  Outside of Roswell we came to what   appeared to be an old mission and investigated it for a few minutes.


Once in Roswell, we immediately reported to the UFO Museum.  Naturally, the Officials there were very excited to see that we had made it safely to Roswell.  We had all been concerned about what might happen if the US Military Establishment had knowledge that the Beck brothers were actually in the area.  We knew that our best and perhaps, only weapon was the Element of Surprise.  We discussed, in brief outline, our strategy with the Officials at the UFO Museum.  They took several photographs  of  us there  with  Don  holding  he day’s edition of the Roswell Daily News. We did this as proof in the event  that we were to Disappear from the Face of the Earth(DFE).


We then donned on our most-official looking uniforms and proceeded to the US Army Air Force Analysis Facility.  We had forged for ourselves Genuine Top Secret Military Identification Documents (GTSMID) which were the keys to succeeding where all before us had failed.  We were a bit nervous when we presented these to the guard at the gate but we were also confident of our research and the accuracy of the IDs.  They worked perfectly and we were, at last, inside perhaps the Secretest place on the Planet.  We drove several miles on the base to the Facility.  From our analysis of satellite reconnaissance, we were almost certain that this was the place where the hidden secrets of sixty years earlier were harbored.  Sure enough we saw the sign that brought all our hours of hard labor to fruition.  It read Unidentified Aircraft Analysis Facility. 


Once again, with our GTSMIDs, we were granted immediate and unquestioned access to the facility.  Armed with Secret Cameras, the Beck brothers took an ample number of photographs to document the historic unraveling of perhaps the Greatest Government Secret of all times.  The actual spacecraft that had crash landed in ’47 was left just as it had crashed into the New Mexican desert landscape.  (Yes, the entire Facility had been built around it.)  Now our story gets really interesting.  Just as we had determined from our research, alien Life Forms (ALFs), had not only been in the craft but six of them had SURVIVED it.  The Military had included in this Facility, all that was necessary to allow these Life Forms to continue to live and function on Planet Earth.  Without the Advanced Technology and Weaponry which had been destroyed upon crashing, these ALFs were helpless although they had IQs which more than equaled Newton, Kepler, Einstein, Rubik and even the Beck brothers.


Three of the ALFs were in some type of Suspended Animation, best explained as a “sleeping death” – not alive but not dead – a twilight zone for these Intergalactic Traversers.  The other three ALFs lived in the facility and had been given free reign to go about their lives in the confinement of the Facility.  The Military Establishment People (MEPs) had established a rudimentary method of communication with the ALFs.  However, from our integrated research methods, the Beck brothers had postulated the basics of the Universal Language (UL) and we found this an excellent opportunity to put it to the Test.  Utilizing a series of high shrills and low guttural sounds, we were immediately successful in establishing ALF communication.  We were talking with Beings From Another World. 


The ALFs related to us that they had been well-treated and had no complaints about Earthmen but they were homesick.  We queried them about their age and the fact that it had now been almost sixty years since they arrived on the Planet.  They said that age was a forgotten concept in their Diamond Dimension.  This Diamond Dimension was, as best they could explain to our Unexpanded Intellects, an endless series of paralleled but angled Universes, through which one was intermittently transported as Anti-Matter Reflux (AMR).  The bottom line of this was that as they traveled the space-time continuum, they grew older and younger at the same rate – thus staying the same.  We admitted that we had limited   understanding of such phenomena.


We asked about the three that were in Suspended Animation (SA) and they said that their Restimulant Cogitators (RCs) had broken during the crash and they had not been able to figure any way to bring their fellow travelers out of SA.  Once again, during our research, we had stumbled upon some long-undiscovered esoteria that we thought might bear on the situation.  We place the ALFs in SA on the Operating Tables (OTS) and utilized a technique of Brain Massage and Neural Stimulation upon them.  Sure enough they all three awoke from their SAs.  We then had a party where Don proceeded to entertain them with his Hand Standing Ability, of which they were much amazed.  We were treated to a boat ride on a small reservoir which was attached to the Facility.  We were “worn out” by this time and needed a short nap before leaving the Facility.  We hated to leave these LFs but it was time for us to move on and report our historic undertaking.                


Many may read this to be a piece of fiction (POF).  However, I hereby attest that every word of it was written by this writer, to the best of his  recollection.  Further confirmation of that fact may be obtained by his brother, TL Beck.  Finally, as ultimate documentation of the veracity of this report, see the official file photographs (OFPs) that are presented herein.


DA Beck, outside Rosewell NM




Added by CSO (chief science officer)Terry Beck-I testify that the above text in its entirety is  a  based on a real story. I was present and took the photos with a real camera and all subjects were real.  I am available for a small fee plus costs to witness for U.S. court proceedings and media related events.  I swear to the above on this third day of August, 2008.  TL Beck, BSE