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Beck Brothers Script    'REBEL YELL'   written 10-4-08

Ken, Don and I worked on a script for a character named Denton Rose who is currently being tested for a potential movie role.
He is a friend of Ken's who plays out parts  on camera and they are available online.  We wrote most of this on our two day trip to Oklahoma and I added some of my own ideas in this email to Ken.  Currently we are on hold as 'Denton' is awaiting results of a test filming for a major picture producer.

this project 16 page total split into 4 parts. Denton is the worlds
worst private eye at Discount Dan's PI joint- he dreams of being an
x-files type guy and only has a job because his granddad founded the
The story here is- there is a client who wants to find the lost gold
of the confederate army in the woods at Thompson Station. They pay
discount dans to find out what is chasing away all the people they
hire to locate the gold- something is scaring them all off the spirit
of the grey ghost!
Th ats all I have but here is a satrt:
I was thinking of a 4 part mini series for Denton- just took a stab at
the beginning-
INT DAY. OFFICE Discount Dan's Detective Agency. DENTON is sitting
across from his boss, MR BROWN and his top investigator JULIA. DENTON
walks in to the office.
DENTON: Whutsdoin!
MR BROWN:It's doing DENTON please have a seat.
DENTON: Pulls out cigarette pack and puts one in his mouth
Candy cigarette anyone?
JULIE: No thanks, I kicked the habit at age eight.
DENTON: Hey Jules, you and me doing lunch later?
DENTON: Tommorrow?
MR BROWN: OK, DENTON I wanted to talk to you

DENTON: (interrupts MR BROWN)
This Friday night or maybe Saturday afternoon- weenies on the grill
man I make em special basted in love?
JULIA: No I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last man on Earth.
DENTON: What if we were astronauts we wouldn't be on Earth then-
MR BROWN: OK come on- listen up!
DENTON: Sorry MR BROWN she's just so Purdy
MR BROWN: Hmm, DENTON, before I tell you this remember we are a discount
detective agency. We specialize in mostly divorce cases, some
corporate fraud and otherwise mundane factual cases, we do not as a
rule look for ghost, Bigfoot, aliens, zombies or anything paranormal.
Do you understand?
DENTON: Yes sir, I'm sorry I lost your new camera in the Bell Witch cave.
MR BROWN: And so given that (pauses) you lost what? Ah- why am I surprised?
Anyway DENTON, if you understand that as a rule we don't look into the
supernatural I do have a case that deals with

DENTON's eyes get real big his jaw drops.
MR BROWN: A case about a ghost and since you seem to be into that and are
horrible at anything else I thought you should take the case. Since it
is a ghost you probably cant screw this one up because you wont find
anything- ghost do not exist. But the client is paying us well so here
is the case.
option: because of the potential large amount of cash involved if we recover the alldged treasure we are taking this case entirely on spec!
Denton; Not Mr. Brown, not on spec, your crazy to take a case like this on spec, Julia tell him no, we cannot do this on spec.
Denton: By the way, what
s spec?
MR BROWN hand's DENTON a folder.
DENTON: (reading)
The Grey Ghost Mystery of Thompson Station- Holy Moses man! Thank you
MR BROWN- I won't let you down.
I told you never say that rhyme please. And you are not going alone-
JULIA will be keeping an eye on you so you don't cause trouble.
JULIA: MR BROWN please he is an idiot and he likes me (DENTON big smile)
MR BROWN: Sorry , (option)I can
t send you on a case with ghosts involved alone,this client is paying a lot of money- there supposed to be gold
involved. JULIA you and DENTON go to lunch and read up on the case.

DENTON: You heard the man- you and me babe-
JULIA: MR BROWN, please.
MR BROWN: JULIA- that promotion you are wanting- a willingness to do whatever it
takes is key.
OK, let's go DENTON.
DENTON walking out of MR BROWNS office
We will better get on the job- thanks MR BROWN..we will be seeing you around!
MR BROWN: DENTON! Stop rhyming!
DENTON: JULES, if anything happens to me I want you to have this.
He hands her a small round hard mass.
JULIA: What is it?
DENTON: A symbol of my undying love for you.
JULIA: No- what IS IT?
DENTON: My Dad's kidney stones super glued together.
Fart sounds off.
Julie rolls down her car window .
DENTON: My muffler must have a leak in it.
He smiles goofily.
s a great place to eat at the next exit. Youre gonna love it. My treat.
CAR SITS at Driveup window:
DENTON: Two happy Meals, please; Can you biggy that?
He turns toward Julie: We might as well splurge, it
s on the bosss tab.
After they
ve eaten: Denton pulls out another=2 0candy cigarette.
DENTON: Know what do we know about this case?
JULIE: Our client, Richard Wilson, an elderly man, had a great uncle who fought in the Civil War and in his later years kept insisting a Yankee gold supply had been stolen and hidden somewhere on their family farm.
ve only got one question?
s that?
DENTON: Do we get mileage reimbursement for this?
Scene 3:
Camera is zoomed in on doorbell button, thing a finger pushes it, zoom out to Denton and Julia waiting at door.
m Denton Rose with Discount Dan Private Eye Agency. This is my partner Julie. Mr. Wilson, weve got you covered. We can find anything.
MAN: Wilson lives across the street.
He slams door.
Somehow we show stairs or someway indicate the library is upstairs.
NEXT SCENE: in Mr. Wilson
s library.
WILSON: Can I offer you something to drink?
JULIE: No thanks.
DENTON: Gimme a beer, a root beer (pause for comedic effect) on the rocks.
Wilson hands Denton a cup of ice and root beer in a can: Denton begins pouring and slowly lifts can high over his head as liquid cascades down into cup. He takes a slug and smiles; pulls box of candy from his vest and asks:
DENTON: Milk Duds anybody?
WILSON: Now let me tell you what
s happening around here. Im being forced to sell the family estate in the next month.
DENTON: pulls out pen and pad:
Wait a minute, let me take notes on this.

My great uncle, Zeke, always talked about hijacked Yankee gold, supposedly stolen by a band of Rebels and it happened near here.
or this option
Grandpa, he was brother to My great Uncle Zeke, told Father some curious tales,Uncle Zeke who disappeared during the civil war was rumored to be involved with some sort of hijacked Yankee gold. Of course, that was way before my time, but I have seen his (gulp) ghost. You see this is the family estate.
WILSON: Any questions so far?
DENTON: Just one. Is there a D in grandpa?
JULIE: Mr. Wilson, what else can you tell us?
WILSON: Here is what I have of my great uncle
s personal effects: his Confederate jacket and his Bible.
DENTON: Let me see that jacket a minute.
Wilson hands Denton the jacket as he says the following:
WILSON: I thought you might want to see these items. I got the jacket out of cold storage yesterday just so you could inspect it. We found out a few years ago that that civil war jacket is estimated at a worth of over $10,000, not enough to pull me out of my financial jamb, but it might buy me some time if we can
t find the treasure. Of course, I never knew Great Uncle Zeke, but his story was passed down as it was unique. When the Civil War started, Zeke was one of the first to join the Yankee cause, but he was wounded in his first battle. He came back here to his home to recover and the first day he was able, he went to fight with the South. He was the only one in our family to join their cause. All we heard was he said it was the right thing to do. All the men in the family were killed by the time the war ended, all but my grandfather. Thats how I ended up with this estate.
As he says the above. Mr. Wilson continue talk about the history to Julia while the following is going on.
Denton demolishes the coat as follows without being seen by the other two.
Denton tries it on and immediately pulls off an ornate metal button or two as he tries to button it up. then he accidentally spills root beer on it. He hides his accident and looks around for a napkin, he spots one and stretches for it and rips the arm at the armpit, then he reaches with his other arm to pull his shoulder around so he can inspect the damage and rips that armpit out too.
Mr. Brown finishes talking and Denton grabs each sleeve cuff and pulls the jacket arms off sans the jacket, then he removes the jacket and neatly lays the jacket and each arm over Mr. Wilson
s outstretched arm, first the jacket then each arm draping them as Wilsons mouth is agape.
Denton: If you can get $10 for that, I would recommend selling.
Mr. Brown looks like he is about to boil when Denton notices an old parchment in the torn lining and pulls out a note. It is a riddle.
Julie takes it and reads aloud:

JULIE: Where I must go, you should follow. For a heart of gold in a death
s that hollow.
All look mystified and puzzled.
Camera shows Denton in deep thought, he popsp another candy cigarette to help him think, rubs his chin still in deeper thought. then brightens with what we think is going to be a solution.
Ive got idea? How about another root beer?
Mr. Wilson: This must be a clue where the treasure is.
At this point we hear crash and a ghostly yell.
Camera show an old portrait that has fallen of the wall.
Mr. Wilson: That is great Uncle Zeke
s portrait. It is his ghost that haunts this place.
An old envelope is revealed on the floor that is behind the portrait.
Denton grabs the letter
Denton: Look, some dern fool put a piece of trash in there behind the picture.
He shakes his head in disgust and throws it in the trash can.
Julia; No Denton, that was probably put there to hide it.
She retrives it from the trash.
It crackles as it opens to reveal a telegram.
Julia, It is a telegram from July 1862 to your Uncle. It is written in some kind of code. Looks like the correct message is written under the code
Someone reads the following
Mr. Ezekiel Brown
Thank you for sacrificing yourself for this noble cause. stop
Looking for a few good men for special misson . stop
Asking a lot I know stop
ReJoin as a confederate soldier, gain confidence and steal any
payroll and gold shipments you can stop
Hope to shorten war by bankrupting enemy. stop
capture by either side will be certain death stop
as North side cannot accept association stop
Hide all till after war is over and your name will be cleared stop
signed A. Lincoln
I wrote this letter first but decided it was too long.
the telegraph might be too long too but
at least my story line explains why he stole the gold and hid it and possibly was killed.
It also explains the ghost not resting until his name is cleared.
Mr. Ezekial Brown, stop
Sometimes in the course of humankind, it is necessary for the sake of humanity for some to sacrifice above what is reasonable to ask. This letter is directly from my hand to your eyes and no other soul has been informed of its contents. You along with a few other noble men, have been chosen by me because of reports of your outstanding patriotism and honesty for a dangerous task. If you have no desire to offer your self, rest assured you honor is not denigrated.
In this great war upon us, we need men to act as spies join the other side. The plan will be to pass along information from the enemy as to the gold routes for their wagons. If we can take away the funding of their armies, hopefully many lives can be saved in a quicker end to this terrible war. I am asking you to volunteer for the other side and do what you can to
relieve them of any payroll monies, securities, etc. In the effort of saving our country and all men in this conflict, hijack and plunder all you can and hide it until we can safely gee it from you. Your location on the Military road and your good standing in your community allows you the best success in this endeavor.
Even your family cannot know of this subterfuge. You must convince them you are genuine in your convictions for the side you appear to have chosen. Because of the penalty of death to spies captured, we are only recruiting bachelors, severely limiting the number of available men
In the interest of security please destroy this letter. Our agents will be watching in hiding and we will know by their reports and newspapers accounts if you are joining us.
Godspeed to you whatever you choice,
A. Lincoln
July 1861
JULIAN: You Great uncle was a spy for the North. This is a telegraph from Abraham Lincoln.
Denton: Was he a telegraph operator back then?
Julian: He was President of the United States during the war between the states.
DENTON: looking for gold from the Silver War, that is IRON ee(irony) .He chuckles.
Julia: That
s Civil stupid.
Denton: Why thank you Jules, Momma always told me to be civil, will you go out with me now?
Julian: NO!
Denton waits for five seconds of silence
DENTON: How about now?