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Pink House Yard

Some of you may think that the lady behind Lila is not Elaise but Gramma Beck.  While it does resemble her and the stoop suggests an older person, it is also true that Gramma had a blue-white checkered dress.  Here she is wearing it.

What you do not have is access to the next shot Alton took with his 35 mm Kodak Retina.  Gentlemen and Ladies, the camera does not lie.

Here it shows Elaise in the same dress.  You can see that she is wearing a belt with the dress while Gramma is not.  These are crops of each picture showing the belt and Gramma without belt.

Crops showing Elaise in sequential pictures, proof that the photo that looks like Gramma is actually Elaise.

If that is not enough photographic evidence, further research shows the shoes of the two are different as Gramma's shoes are simple white flats while Elaise wears the more elagant design showing some skin between straps.

The shoes on the left are from the photo that looks like Gramma wearing the blue-white checkered dress.  Shoes on the right are shows the shoes Gramma was actually wearing with the blue-white dress.

I present this hard-core evidence for you skeptics who have maintained fervently that Gramma was the lady in the first photo.  I cannot and will not attempt to explain why our Aunt is posing as Gramma but have shown beyond doubt with digital enhancement that is was subterfuge on Elaises' part.  I will leave the motives behind her actions for others to investigate.  As all principals in this case are beyond our reach now, it is most likely we will never know.  

One last note on this mystery, the photo of Gramma in the dress was taken many years later so possibly Elaise gave her the frock to further confuse anyone (like us) who might investigate this matter.  And she almost got away with it. 

Thanks to Bernard Fife for technical assistance.


               Memories  of Gramma Beck’s Front Yard

At first glance, you will look at this picture and see William and his family and notice Willaim in sort of an odd stance.  Then you might notice his son Bill eating something,maybe an apple.  Daughter Laelle is caught in an awkward slumped posture while holding a brush.  Then you may decide the lady in the white is Lila and upon a bit of thought, you can determine the woman behind her is Elaise.

At least, those were the things I saw when I looked at this photo.  However, on my second look, I stared at the busted green rocker and it echoed in my memory.  Then I looked at the corner fence rails and thought of Granpa’s barn and garden out of sight to the left.  “Hey Dad, take another picture so we can see the old pink house and the front porch. “

Looking at the picture again I see the tree who had a twin just out of sight to the right.  On the ground, William and Bill are standing on each side of the old brick sidewalk leading up to the old gray porch.  Dad’s yard has some of those antique bricks laying in it now.  You probably remember the old gray wooden porch with the swing and another two-man rocker, which were the first seats to fill up when a meal was brought from the kitchen.  Of course, you could always sit on the edge of the porch which had plenty of leg room for dangling your feet, not a bad seat either, especially for  the younger kids.  

I also remember Gramma’s yard had no grass, quite appealing  for the kid who hated mowing.  On One Saturday when we were visiting I had brought a slingshot.  Troy was down too and we were both out front when a red bird was spotted in the tree you see.  I picked up a pebble, aimed at the bird and actually hit him.  He fell dead to the dirt yard and Troy, sportsman that he was, gave me a compliment.  Had I thought I would have hit the pretty cardinal, I would not have taken the shot.  Not that I minded killing birds, but I considered that cardinal sacred, a special gift of beauty from God.  I hated the Blue Jays  and Mockingbirds, both were selfish and nuisances to the smaller birds, but the cardinal was friendly enough and always caused a remark by us when they were seen, at least the bright red male. 

Back to the picture.  If you gander at the street, you may recall the pea sized white pebbles that  it was coated with.  This seemed a most unusual road surface and I don’t remember seeing  them anywhere else.  The road reminds of another visit to Gramma’s, one where dog Ebon came along.  Now I don’t remember if this was a busy road or not, I am guessing it had a fair bit of traffic considering it was a shortcut between two highways.   Busy or not, Ebon ran into the road right in front of a car and the car ran over him.   Several of us were watching as this happened.  I guess you would call Ebon lucky as he was directly under the car and between the tires so he never was struck by a wheel.   He went down and rolled over a few times as his body collided with the oil pan, muffler, transmission and whatever else was between  him and the road.  I think the car kept going but all I remember is Ebon came away alive and only left some odd green fluid behind.  Come to think of it, maybe that was anti-freeze.  Anyway I don’t think I ever took Ebon back to Sheridan. 

The last thing I draw to your attention about this picture is the pine tree forest across the street.  It looks like there is a barbed-wire fence over there and maybe we had a cut-through in it where we entered it.  I have vivid memories of the pine straw covering the acreage and the rabbit traps among them.  The rabbit traps were bucket sized holes dug into the ground and covered with straw meant to trip up an unsuspecting invader.  They must have been put there by the local kids, maybe to harass the pesky visiting Beck boys known to roam and pillage these very woods on the frequent weekend visits.   

The old pink house which is out of sight to the left of where this picture was taken was torn down in 1975 by myself, Don and father Alton.  Doors, windows  and other lumber are still being useful in the shed in his back yard.

  Terry    8-23-08