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This old photo album ended up at my dad Alton's house, and it must have belonged to his mother who was my grandmother.  It is filled with lots of interesting, old pictures dating back to the forties and up into the nineties.  I took it home and scanned several of the pictures, choosing those with a personal interest to my family and those that were just interesting subjects. 

I present them here in a digital form to help preserve them for the future making them easily available to be copied as files and will also comment on some of them with my thoughts, which hopefully you will find interesting.

The photo album probably dates from the seventies and is in fair shape and I am sure it was looked over and opened many times by guests passing the time in Gramma's living room.  There were many family get-togethers at Gramma Beck's house and after eating there was plenty of time to kill while folks rambled and ambled about.

Scroll down for each picture.

This picture of Gramma Beck and Elaise was taken by me around 1973 in Sherwood on the driveway of the house my Dad still lives in.  Dad had two old cameras, one may have been designated a 620 film size which had large negatives.  I took a few pictures with it.  The other was a 35 mm Kodak which is the one I learned to photograph with.  I had no flash attachment so taking pictures inside took some adjustment of camera settings.  In those days you had to have the film developed (at the base post exchange) so feedback was slow.  I did learn about f-stops, apertures and shutter speeds though and have been 'into' photography since then. 

This photo was taken on the Kodak, then rushed into the lab, (our bathroom)
for immediate development and printing.  I was so proud to hand Gramma the photo before she left on that visit.  My neighor Mike and I had learned to develope and print black and white pictures, funded by his Dad and the Link and Diamond Liquor stores which they owned.    The photo may be grainy and the poses not so good, but Gramma did get a picture to take back home and put in her album.  I cannot remember anything else about this visit, but I do see that Kiehl is a quiet, little two lane road behind them.  Now it is five lanes and very noisy, so much so that standing out here to talk is annoying.  Obladi-bla-da...

Blanche had five kids.. Roland, Josephine, Helen, Nelson, David..that is how I remember them.    This photo is one I don't remember seeing before and it has my mother Hazel maybe holding David and standing by Gramma Beck.  The baby could also be Ken, Hazel's first child, but I don't remember seeing any baby pictures of Ken to compare with.
This would have been 1951 or 52 and Mom would have been about 25 years old.  My guess is this was before Ken was born in December of 1951.

If I am the photographer in the family, Don is the historian.  He keeps the records on geneaology in his files and would be the one to ask about Beck history.  I took this photo not too many years before Uncle William died during a trip Don and I took to visit him for some history lessons on growing up Beck.  He fell off a roof and broke his back and suffered a lot of pain before he died, according to his daughter who he went to live the last of his life with.  I am playing off of vague memories so excuse me if my facts are not perfect, but they should be close.

William seemed a happy man, very sociable and loved to laugh.  He was loud but not boisterous and had a lot of hobbies.  He and his wife lived in the woods and their stamp collections, indian artifacts, old bottles and colorful tile patio always beckoned of adventure during our visits.  I always felt at ease around William and enjoyed his company, looking forward to his coming to see Dad in Sherwood.  I think this was Dad's closest brother and I am sad the he is gone.  I wish Dad and he could visit in the Den on cold winter's nights and I could listen from under a blanket as they told old growing stories.

I think Don has an audio tape of this partcular visit with Uncle William and I can hear his gravelly voice speaking now.

Gramma is smiling, Blance is smiling, Roland? is smiling and a pretty little Jospehine sits in the back looking out.  I would guess Alton took this picture.

Anyboy know who these kids are??

The whole gang of Beck kids, eleven of them.
Back row is R.L.   --for Ruben Loyd

Middle row is
William, Alton, Raymond, Marvin, Jason

Bottom row is
Joann, Lila, Evelyn, Gramma, Blanche, Bobby

Lila, Gramma, Blanche, William, Marvin and Bobby
are no longer with us.

Photo is dated 1993,  time of posting is 2009.

This is apparently Dad's air force buddies.  Dad is the
second from the right with the camera and hand in pocket.
Dad is Alton.

What a crew!  Al  (Alton Beck)  is the one in the light colored
uniform with the stripes.  This is one fun loving gang and I bet they could tell some stories.

This photo was developed 10-20-1943 and probably was mailed to one of the Beck boys during the war.  If you scroll down past this picture you can see a scan of the back of it, explaining how I know what I just said.  Gramma and Grampa are in the middle and that is all I recognize. I would like to know who the stud is with the football.

Here is our cousin Carrol Barham looking suave and debonair.  This may have been the last time he looked suave and debonair.  I think that is Dad's old green Ford, a 56 model, in the background.  Dad was always a Ford man.

Carrol is a pharmacist around the Rogers/Fayetteville area.  Carrol was one of my closer cousins as he was nearer my age and he used to come visit at my parents' house in Sherwood during his training years in Little Rock.  I have not seen  him in a long time.

Somebody wrote Al on the bottom of this photo as you can see so I am going to guess the guy on the right is him.  Neither one look like Dad to me.  I love the cowboys on the sign and would like to know what state is on the other side of the border.  I will ask Dad and see if he remembers and I bet he does.

The fellow in the suspenders is my Grandma's Dad who we
Grandpa Mize. He lived to 102 and died in June of 1963.
These other guys may be his brothers.  

I remember seeing Great Grampa Mize one time.  He was sick and laying on a couch or cot.  It was a very solemn experience and I think he died soon after that.  I was pretty young and my memory is vague.

Who is the girl and who owns the convertible?

Alton and neice Joann on the state capitol steps, according to
Alton.  But what state capitol?

Any body help on identifying these folks?

Glen Beck or Glenn Beck?   I thought this was a X-mas picture but it is dated November 1, 1955.  The box says MAGIC ERASABLE PICTURES.  Don imformed me this was Glenn's birthdate.

Hazel and baby possibly with Raymond's wife Joyce and Raymond holding Glenn?

JoAnn and Sammy with parents on either side.  This was just the other day!

Janice and Allen Beck under a  hypnotic spell.

Another shot showing who I think is Aunt Joyce talkng with Hazel.

This classic wedding pose looks like it may have been taken
in Gramma Beck's old pink house.  I think this because Don and I were the demoliton crew who tore the old house down and there are doors from it on Dad's shed in Sherwood.  The doors match this picture, but maybe all old doors looked like that. 

JoAnn, where was this?

Grandpa Beck was an avid raccoon hunter and this photo shows an amazing number of pelts hanging about him.  He took his sons on several coon hunts and gained statewide fame with his ability.  See more on that by clicking here.

I am going to guess thit is Uncle Bobby on a bike.  I would like
more information on the yard and building.

In 1965, someone had the foresight to take pictures of each family of the Beck kids gathered in front of pictures in Gramma Beck's pink house living room.

This one is Raymond and Joyce, with Glenn, Joycelyn and Sandy.  I don't remember the dog's name.

Alton looks very young here in this rural setting.  Maybe these
are some of Grandpa's hunting dogs.  Nothing is written on back to tell who the baby is.

Jason and Margaret with Janice and Alan 44 years ago.  I would like to see the three of them on that chair now!  Woman in dresses and pearl necklaces, I love the good old days.

I recognize the picture tothe left of Margaret's head as it is a family portrait of my parents, Al and Hazel with Don and Ken.

Herman and Lila, Judy and Paul, enough said.....

Herman is holding Paul like a ventriliquist's dummy but I think Paul was the one pulling the strings.  Both of them have great expressions but it is obvious Herman Paul is up to something, as usual.

Carrol and Charles in the middle surrounded by Judy and Herman Paul, all standing in front of a fresh kill of healthy raccoons.

Marvin and Lanelle with Marvin Lowery and Clarice

Marvin was pretty quiet but always treated me more like a big brother than an Uncle.  I never really knew much about him.  He died unexpectedly after a routine surgery from a blood clot, I believe.  He was the only one of the Beck kids who has died from something other than just wearing out. 

Bobby died in a fire but had mental problems from WW II that prevented him from living a normal life.  He carried a lot of guilt from that war that exercised their demons on him and took a terrible toll, leading to an unhappy life.

Another picture of little Carroll Barham that was in Grandma's photo album.  The bruises on his leg were actually just blemishes on the old photo.

Bobby is identified in writing on this picture but I could have recognized him easily anyway.  He looks to be fit and I am guessing this was an army picture with barracks in the background.  Maybe he sent this home to the parents before he went overseas to give his sanity for his country.

Alton and friend at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  Don and I visited this same building in 2007.

I would not have recognized a young Jason holding what looks to be a coon skin.

JoAnn and Sammy with Carrol and Charles.

Another photo of Alton and dogs, this time he looks a bit older
and on the site of some military institution.

Alton and Jason?/Raymond? with other Beck kids???
Need help here please.

Gramma and Margaret in a rare photo of Granpda Beck's Cities Service Station in Sheridan.  Grandma Beck may be holding Janice and is wearng one funky looking hat.  Two boys are in the background.

Alton seems almost tickled about something in this photo.

William's kids pictures from Scott in 1952 where he
was principal.

This picture has writtenon the bottom:

R.L. Jason, Lila, Evelyn, Ann, Doc

I am going to guess on some of these.

Back row-(Lila-guess),  Jason, (Evelyn-guess-because she looks  like Lisa

Front row--(Ann-guess-youngest) , R.L., Marvin also called Doc

How did I do, anyone?

A couple of pictures of Lila, separated by a few years.

I am assuming these are Beck kids, but I need help identifying them.

No problem identifying this youngster as Marvin.

R. L   Ruben  Loyd

This last picture is of Alton pointing a rifle and standing in snow.  He looks really young here and the picture quality is bad but I would like to know more.

THE END of Gramma's Old Photo Album

Gramma Beck's Photo Album