wagon wheel motel  
cuba, missouri  
September 27, 2010
I visited the Wagon Wheel on a beautiful, Monday evening around five p.m.  The  sky, the sun, the grounds, the weather, and the rock buildings where all in prime condition.  I entered the lobby to find several ladies playing cards around a table and the owner arose to greet me. 

I was given the keys to three rooms to check out, even though I knew I could not stay that evening.  The friendly lady told me the room with the Jacuzzi was $110 and the others were $60.  She went back to her card game and I was left to inspect the grounds.

As you can see, the place was picture perfect and the rooms were completely restored to make a charming mixture of the old and the new.  The lower priced rooms were smaller as most were in the old days, but the furnishings were nice, and sufficient.  A flat screen tv hung in the wall in front of the bed and at least one room had a remote control for the  a.c. unit. 

The bathroom area was perfectly clean with all new surfaces and a nice shower was available for bathing, which I prefer while on the road.  I was so impressed with the old time charm and the new amenities that I know I will soon have to return for a stay.  Chairs on the freshly mowed green lawn offer a wondeful way to talk about the days' Route 66 travels while unwinding for a night's sleep.

This is the newest and the nicest restoration and remodeling of a small motel that I have seen, so unless you are a purist wanting old furnishings, carpet and toiletries from the past, I highly recommend this combination of the old and new.  The trade off of historic decor for all new paint, flooring and bath is something I think most travelers would think is worth it.