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Readyville Mill
The Readyville Mill and dam site are located in Readyville, TN a few miles west of Woodbury, TN.  As of 2008, the old mill has undergone major restoration and appears to have a caring owner.  The dam area, above and below. was a favorite swimming hole for those in the know in the hot summers of the sixties and seventies.  My grandparents lived just a couple of stones throws away, especially if you took the short cut across the field by the Reed's house.  The same field had the big unpainted barn with the tin roof proclaiming "See Seven States Atop Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn.    I cannot tell you how warm and fuzzy, yet sad that phrase makes me. 

How I would love one hot summer day to be back walking to the dam for a swim and to Burnett's Grocery for a pop and have a camera in hand to capture the scenery.  Dad was young, Mom was young, heck, even the grandparents were fairly young.  Cousins were as plentiful as old corn cobs on the barn floor, and often that pair met each other in the 'corncob' fights in  Grandpa's old barn. 

The dam no longer stops the water on the Stones River and the swimming hole is dry but we do have a few old pictures to take us back to those summer vacation days.

Here are a few items related to the old mill that I hope bring back some good memories for  you.
This photo of the Readyville Mills dam on the Stones River was taken on July 4,1973 (shooting from west to east.)  The pensive young man is 20-yr old Don Beck who was visiting his grandparents, CD & Lois Rogers who lived on the Stones just a few hundred yards upstream.
Paper sack for storage of corn meal  circa 1980.
Flyer advertising the Reavyville Mills
Newspaper clip about the reopening of the Mill from March of 1974. 

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