Hi Wendy
We just got back from Macon and the news is ALL good.
First I spoke to the Director of Nursing about you and she sez they are hiring new grads and she'd like to hear from you... her name is ******* and her email is ****.  CC me on whatever you send her so I will be in the loop.
Birdie and I found a HUGE house we're going to rent... so there will be plenty of room for you to stay if youd like until you get settled in.  We'd love to have you.  Anyway it'd be as if you had 'family' in the area to ease the transition considerably. The house is gorgeous, on 10+ acres (with a pond even).
Tell me what you think...
Love to one and all.
S (and Birdie)
I know he would not want me posting this but I want him to give some credit for a wonderfully kind deed.  I usually call Wendy's doctor Steven Frank around the holidays just to say we have not forgotten them. At X-mas, I mentioned that Wendy was looking for a job and he contacted Wendy and sent the following email.  What I love about this is the total unselfishness on the Frank's part.  They have been gracious and charitable with us since we met (starting with he and his wife Birdy buying Wendy when  toys when she needed rehabilitation in the hospital) and have become dear friends even though we don't visit or see each other often.