Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 6-2-69
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Monday Night,  June 2, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For me, I am just dead with a cold.  My nose has been running like a sugar tree and my throat has been so sore and last night I couldn't sleep for coughing and today I am all stopped up.  Dal has it too and Joan has had an awful cold.  She couldn't talk for a day or two, but she is about over hers.  But just looks like mine don't get no better.  Dal had a cold too.  He still has it but he went to the Dr last Thursday and he got some medicine for his.  Well last Thursday Ovie, Shane and me went to Nashville.  Ovie went back to have her throat checked and I went back with my ear.  I told you about me going to Ovie's Dr.  I had a burning in my ear and my whole side of my jaw burnt like fire.  So the Dr said my ears were real dry and some of it was from the stroke I had.  So he gave me a salve to put in my ear three times a day and a pill to take three times a day.  So they are a lot better now, but he said come back the 15th of June.  He put some medicine and cleaned them out.  So I thank they will get ok.  Before I went to the Dr my ears roared just like a telephone.  He said Ovie was fine.  She goes back in Sept.  So we went to Martha's place and to Linda's house.  She lives in a nice place.  So her and Dannie came up Fri night.  They are fine.  The baby is a doll.  He is so friendly and Deb really loves him.  Well, Dal, Dannie, Linda, Shane and me went to Poke Hunter's Fri night to see all the horses.  Joan and Bill rode in it.  They left at nine o’clock.  Dal went and seen them off.  Joe rode.  So when we got up there, it was seven thirty or eight o’clock.  So they was cooking out and riding and put on some show.  It was about 350 horses on the ride.  Linda said next year she was riding and the Gaithers want to go.  Well Jackie and his family left Thursday night to Falls Creek Falls.  They was suppose to stay till Monday morn but it come up a big rain Sat and they just packed up and come home.  So Jacqueline called me and said they would be down for supper.  Said they'd brang some hamburgers and she brought buns and lettuce.  So Dannie cooked the hamburgers outside and they was so good.  So we all ate out in the yard.  They was in a big way.  Well Jean, Jewel came by Sun.  She has lost a lot of weight.  She said Butch had to go take a test for the army, but she said she knew he'd be turned down on his eyes.  Said Alberta's boy had to be examined also.  Jewel said Jess was a little better, but Alberta called me today and said they went to see him Sun and they thought he was in bad shape.  Mamie and John went home Sun.  I don't know what they will do for Mamie won't be able to wait on him.  Jean, Jewel said Mattie would be home about the 15th day of June.   I guess she will stay about a week.  Joyce called Sun night.  She said they was fine and would be home in July.  Jean, how are the kids?  I know they have all growed.  How is big George?  Gail was down today.  He has a lot of painting to do.  Eva called me today.  She said they mite come down Sat night and we cook hamburgers and cook it on the grill.  Tim came by last Fri and stayed all day.  He has growed so much.  Martha called me today.  Said she still had a cold.  She came home about two weeks ago and she was just dead with a cold.  And we all took it.  It is the first cold I have had since Nile died. Ovie went some where tonight.  She brought Shane down here.   Shane and Ovie and another family went to the lake this weekend and Shane is blistered.  Gail has a pretty garden.  The woman that lives in Cathy and Alvin's house moved today.  So they will clean and put down new tile in the kitchen and paper.  So maybe that will move the last of this week.  I know Mrs. Brandon will miss them for Cathy always cooks a good supper ever night.  Mr. Brandon does love to eat, Cathy said.  Beth has five teeth.  She is a lot better now.  She has had this cold also.  Well Jean, it is Tues morn and Dal and Shawn are sticking the tomatoes.  They are just about done.  We can almost have a mess of green beans.  Mark has gone to help Paul T haul hay and after he left Coy called and wanted him to come work in the store.  But Mark had rather haul hay.  It is a bunch of boys.  That's all the help you can get now.  Shane said tell you to send him some money to buy food for Pierre.  Ovie brought him down last night.  So he is still here.  He said Ovie was gone to a show.  I don't see Ovie too much.  She came down a while Sun night.  Larry is just like Nile.  Joe is still on Ray Barker's house.  It will be beautiful when it is done.  Jean, it is just about time for the mail.  You write soon.  Tell the kids hello and we will be glad to see them.  Let us know when you will be leaving there.  Love mama.