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Wednesday Night,  April 9,1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  We are pretty good.  We had a beautiful Easter.  Doris and family came for dinner. They was fine.  She was staying Sun nite with Ray and Billy.  They was going to Ruth's Mon night.  She went to see Jess late Sun afternoon.  Poor Jess, he called down her Sun just before we went to church and asked if Doris was down here.  I felt so sorry for him.  He wanted to know why me and Dal hadn't been to see him.  So Billy Jean got down here Sun about one thirty and she said Jewel had gone to see Jess.  So she was back down here by two oclock.  I believe Jewel's age is working on her for that is all her talk--going thru a change of life.  If she don't quit worrying, she might wind up crazy.  What did your kids do Sun?  Did you all hide eggs or what?  We had a nice Easter.  We had several in the afternoon.  Jonnie Knox brought her two big boys and Howard and Myrtle came for a while.  And Ruth and family stopped by.  They was carrying JoeHelen to Nashville.  And Jewel and Joe. Billy brought her little girl.  Doris was looking good.  Ruth was talking to each one of them.  But I really don't thank Jewel and Doris said anythang to each other.  Doris' girls are so big and real sweet.  Claude was in the biggest was.  He really did talk to Jackie.  Doris bought me a big pot of flowers just like the beautiful pot you sent only yours had two big blooms and hers had three almost the same color.  They are both beautiful.  I will set them out in a good rich spot where I can take care of them.  I have seen them in the Gilly Hill graveyard and they grow to be great big.  Dal thought they was so pretty.  He said he hoped when we put them out they will live; but I will wait till they get to looking bad before I take them out of the house.  They make the living room look beautiful. I sure was surprised when Mamie and Birdie brought them early Sun morn.  So Dal carried the flowers on to Dickie's grave.  They was pretty too.  Jean. I got a letter from Joyce today.  They are fine.  She said it was nice down there.  Joe came down last night.  They are fine.  He made a trade to remodel Ray Barker's daddy's big old house.  He is spending 25 or 30 thousand dollars on it.  Don't you know it will be pretty.  He is paying Joe $3 per hour and 10 % of the material.  So Joe said he couldn't lose on this job and should make good.  I hope he does.  Ray told Joe he gave Gail $2.50 per hour for Gail told Joe he wouldn't work for no less for he can get all the work he can do at other places.  But if he'd get $2.50 per hour which is $100 a week, he would work for Joe.  So Joe told Ray that he couldn't hardly get good help and told him what Gail would have to have.  So he told him to come on.  Jean, Tuesday Dal went at dinner and fed the sows.  He has four and they was fine and that night when he went to the barn, one sow was dead.  He couldn't tell what killed her.  So Dal and Mr. Gaither cut her throat.  He thought she mite have been choked but wasn't.  Jean, they cut her belly open and she would have had 16b little pigs.  We sure did hate it but all can't be good luck.  Cathy was up yesterday and her baby cryed a lot just like her throat was sore.  But Cathy said she had been kindly sick all week with a cold.  Cathy and Alvin are moving in that little house there by the Brandons.  They will move the first week of May or June as soon as they get the people out of the house.  I know Cathy and Alvin will like it.  Alvin is still going to school and making high grades.  So he is doing real good.  Well Martha and Callie Ann and another girl have moved into another apartment house just across from where they lived.   They are going to furnish it theirself.  Well Jean, as bad as I hate to tell you, Dannie and Linda came home.  Dannie quit school but it was because they didn't have the money and I guess Dannie just got tired of school.  So Linda and Debbie have gone to Nashville today.  They are looking for a house.   Dannie and Linda went last Fri and Sat.  So they couldn't find a place that suited them.  Ever place they went they wanted them to sign a lease for a year.  So today Linda and Debbie went to Nashville to look for a place.  Debbie is going to a school in Nashville.  She will draw $59 a week to go to school and the school won't cost her nothing.  It was six persons picked to go to this school.  So Deb was one.  So she is going to stay with Linda and Dannie.  I know she will be a lot of help to Linda for she loves the baby.  Dannie got his old job back so it's like Dal said if that is what Dannie likes, that is his business.  He said what Dannie likes he wouldn't but what he likes to do maybe Dannie wouldn't like it.  So its nobody alike.  I just hope they do all right.  They sure have a pretty baby.  It is just like a doll and is real good.  We all will spoil him before he leaves I guess.  Linda says she is going to work or get two kids to keep. But she wants to get a good job if she can.  I am afraid she will find it's not as fun working with a baby as it is when you don't have a baby to leave.  How is Liz and Jamie and little George?  Jewel said for me and you to be sure and come and see her when you come home.  Wants us to stay all day.  Jean, school was just Mon and Tues of last week.  So Mark worked for Coy and he worked Wed Thurs Fri Sat.  So he made $50.00 he was so glad.  So he worked Tues and Wed evening of this week and will get to work tomorrow evening and all day Sat.   So he will make a pretty good check this week.  Jean, Ray went to the Dr Fri and they kept him.  He stayed in the hospital till Mon.  He had the flue and of course his dranking don't help any. I do wish he would straighten up.  Dal didn't even go see him the whole time Ray was in the hospital.  I went early Sat morn and of course being a mother I felt so sorry for him.  His face was swelled and has been for a long time.  I told him if he didn't quit drinking he would die.  So Dal stayed in Woodbury till four oclock.  He went to a land sale.  So I asked him if he went to see Ray and he said he didn't get around to it.  So I told Dal when your mother and daddy let you down, you are down.  And I went back Sun night and Eva was there and Timmie.  So Ray was looking better.  So he went home Monday.  I have talked to Eva on the phone.  She said he was doing pretty good.  Maybe some day if he lives that long he will do better.  Jean, we have all our garden out and my tomatoes are coming up.  Jean, Goldie Alexander broke her back Monday.  She is in the Murfreesboro hospital.  Siad she just stooped over to fix the pump and her back popped and it was broke.  Jean, us and the Gaithers will leave for Joyce's on the 21st day of this month.  That's Mon week.  Bertha is having company the first of next week so she said we'll go the 21st.  I will let Joyce know.  Dal is doing pretty good.   He is gone fishing this evening.  Jean I weigh 176 lbs today.  I weigh about four times a day. Ha. Well Jean, write soon. Lots of love.  Mama