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Wednesday Night   April 16, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For us, pretty good.  Dal and me went to Dave Patton's funeral.  You remember Doris, she was my first cousin.  She works at the Veteran's Hospital and she came home about three oclock and found her man dead in the yard.  He was 61 years old.  It was a big crowd there.  Well, we have had a summer day.  We have had the doors open and the windows open.  Well, I talked to Joyce last night.  She said they was fine and Shawn said hello grandmother and he said how is granddaddy.  He could talk so good, but Linda said he could talk real good when she was down there.  Joe brought his baby and Elisha down here yesterday morn.  Said Mary was real sick.  So she finally give up and went to the Dr.  She's got the flue.  So the Dr gave her a shot and told her to come back today.  So Joe said she went back today and she was a lot better.  That Elisha talked all day long.  She was never a stranger.  Mary said Robert and Marsha was doing real good in school.  Greg has had the chicken pox, but Jacqueline has not took them yet.  Well, Deb is going to school.  She is staying in Nashville with Martha this week till Linda gets settled in.  They have found a house, so they will move tomorrow and the next day.  I know Dannie will be glad to get settled.  For it is so far to drive ever night and morn.  Jean, how is Jamie and Liz and little George and big George?  I seen Era at the funeral and she said Alberta's boy was doing a lot better, but still is in bed, but Era said he was sitting up some.  He sure has been in bad shape.  Era said Ruby Gay and Thomas made that trip down here when Alberta's boy was so bad and Eva said she's been sick ever since she came home.  I Had a letter from Hazel last week and she said it was 44 at Mrs. Beck's house for dinner Easter Sunday.  All the children was there but Raymond and his family.  She said they had everthang good to eat.  And she said Jason and Margaret stayed all night with them on Sat night.  Jean, Martha came home last Sat.  She was just fine.  She looked real good.  She has gained a lot of weight, but she loves ever lb of it.  Her clothes look so pretty on her and she buys some real pretty thangs now.  I do hope Debbie likes the school she is going to.  She will get $59.00 per week to go.  So she will live with Linda and she told Linda she will pay her some and she will be a lot of help.  So I talked to Martha this morn and she said she'd let Debbie drive to school in her car.  Said she called back and said she'd made it just fine.  So Martha said the only thang was wrong was that Deb got up at five oclock and wanted her to get up and she wouldn't.  But of course after she gets use to the place she will be all rite.  Ray and Eva came down Monday night for a while.  Ray is getting over his cold but still coughs a lot.  Tim is fine.  Yes Jean, our apple tree and pear and cherry tree are bloomed out pretty.  Our garden is getting pretty.  Our onions are getting big.  Well be ready to eat pretty soon.  Our beans are up and my tomatoes and pepper are up pretty.  Jean, how is George's mother.  You never say a word about her.  The Gaithers and us are going to Joyce;s the 24 day of April.  We will stay till about the 29 day.  So that will be a nice visit.  Well Joan you should see Linda and Cathy's babies together.  They are real sweet.  Cathy's is still so big but Linda's is just a nice size and he laughs all the time.  When he wakes up he is smiling.  He looks just like Dannie.  Well Jean, I will close.  Answer soon and kiss the kids for me.  Lots of love. Mama and all.

Jean, it it Thursday and a beautiful morn.  It is just plane hot weather.  Birds are singing and bugs crawling.  Our garden looks pretty this morn.  Did I tell you Patsy Tenpenny has a boy, weighed 7 lb 4 oz.  Mrs. Rachel went to Nashville Tues to stay a few days with her.