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April 1, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For us, pretty good.  All but Dal, he has took a cold but we have been having some real cold weather.  Today was pretty and not cold.  It was cold early this monring but by nine it was sunny and warm.  Dal worked at the barn.  He was painting something and I washed three loads of clothes and they all got dry.  Eva and Ray and Timmie came down for supper.  It was Timmie's birthday.  Cathy made him a cake and put 10 candles on it and all.  Had fryed chicken, pinto beans, potatoe salad, corn and biscuits.  So they left about eight oclock.  Jean, Mr. Ray Paschal is real bad off.  He got bad off at his sister's and Joe came and got him and carried him out to Manchester Hospital.  I guess so he'd be close to Ruth and Joe, but I doubt if he'll get any better.  Well Jean, it was sure good to talk to you Sun.  How are the kids?  What will you all do Easter?  I hope it is a pretty day.  Jackie and family will come.  Myrna said she'd brang a cake. And Martha said she'd brang the rolls and some little gift for a prize.  I hope Joe brangs his kids, but I doubt it for they always go to Mrs. Higgins.  She's been sick.  I seen her at Woodbury last week and she said she wasn't feeling good at all.  So then Sun she went to the Dr and her blood was real high.  Joe said it was 220 over something, but it was awful high.  So Joe said she came to their house Sun night and then went home Mon morning real early.  She stays by herself and she's not even got a phone.  Jean, they are selling the Massey farm and household goods.  They say it is not much over there to sell but there is some debts on the place and the court is selling it.  Someone said Paul Reed was offered $2000 for it but Dawel said it would brang more than that.  But I sure wouldn't want it.  I had a letter from Hazel last week and one from Joyce.  Joyce said it was nice down there and Hazel said Al and the boys was putting out a garden.  I do hope they have a good garden.  Martha and Callie Ann and another girl named Joan are moving rite across from where they live.  They are going to furnish their rooms.  Ovie let Martha have a old bed.  It's real pretty and she got that old dresser that Florence's kids give me.  It had been in the wash house, so she antiqued it.  So it is real pretty and one girl bought a old table and chairs.  Martha said it was real pretty.  It won't be any school the rest of this week.  They get out Wed, Thurs and Fri.  So Mark will work  for Coy.  Well Jean I will close for tonight.  Kiss the girls and little George and tell them hello.  Lots of love.  Mama