Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 12-8-68
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Sunday, 12-8-68
Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For us pretty good.  We went to church this morn and when we got home Martha was here.  So Ovie and Bud come this even.  They are fine.  They had a big xmas prade in Woodbury last night.  So Dal and me went with the Gaithers.  It was real nice.  I don't believe I have ever seen as many cars as they was there last night.  Was cold but it was clear and no wind.  It was a nice night for it.  Shane was in the prade.  He carried a big flag.  Had on a helmet, white gloves and this old fashion legeron on his legs.  They was white and laced up the side.  He really looked good and done good.  Had one float and of course the band and fire truck and Sanda Claus.  It was at six.  We got home about 7.  So Shane come on down here and stayed all night.  Ovie and Bud went somewhere.  Tell Liz and Jamie that Grandadís old sow had eight pigs and he has three more sows to rase.  Did I tell you all that Jackie got Dal two big white rabbits.  They are pretty.  I have 14 old hens but don't get any eggs.  Jean, about Martha she is okay period.  But I didn't tell you about to months ago someone hit her car rite in the back and just knocked her several feet.  So the ambulance rushed up and carried her to Vandbilt Hospital.  So they couldn't find no bones broken but she had a wrenched neck and back.  So the doctor down there told her to go to her family doctor.  So she has been going  to Dr. Bryant and he told her anytime you get your back or neck twisted like she did it could cause her a lot of trouble.  And he told her not to sine no paper till she knew her back was okay.  So she was captain of her company bowling team.  So Dr. Bryant told her not to play for at least six weeks and to get a heat light to put on her back and of course he said come back in a week or two to see him.  But she said the man that hit her car was nice and said he must have stept on the gas instead of the brakes.  It is a wonder it hadent hurt her worse than it did.  So Martha said the man that hit her went rite on to the hospital with her and told them it was his fault and he had insurance.  So she is going to know she's okay before she signs the papers.  So her and Mark went to Woodbury and went all over Bradyville and got back here about 4 o'clock.  So now her and Joan have gone to New Hope.  They will be back before Joan's date gets here.  I guess they will go to a show.  Joan is taking Bertha and me to Nashville Tuesday night.  We are going to eat supper with Martha.  Jean, Joan got the box ready to send you all.   So I told her before she wrapped the package that I wanted her to get me a little gift for you.  But she dident and she wanted to get it all.  So she got it ready and Dal mailed it.  So I am sending yours on to you.  It won't be much but it will be a little present to open with the kids.  I was aiming to send it with Martha but she said what she sent she was just getting something pretty but small where she could send it in a letter.  And I asked her what she was sending little George.  And she said, "Oh, I forgot him" but said she'd get him something.  I sent a truck and a small car, I think it was.  I do hope you have already got them by now.  We mailed them on the 3th of December.  Joan was afraid if we dident get them off you mite not get them by xmas.  Well, I seen Sue and Charley at church.  Sue looked good.  They are always calling to see I heard from you all.  I had a long letter from Linda Saturday.  She sounded real homesick.  Said Martha sent her a letter that she had wrote back in October.  She said she was so glad of it.  Said old news better than no news at all.  Said she hadent heard from you or Hazel in two weeks, I guess it was.  I told Martha today she should write her ever week.  For I know Linda don't have nothing to do but just sit and werry.  After she has the baby she won't be lonesome then.  I got a letter from Joyce.  I never heard the like of thangs they have bought for Shawn's xmas.  What all is Liz and Jamie getting?  We all thought that the girls had growed so much and looked real pretty.  Well, Gail has been working for the last two weeks just like mad.  He has been painting.  Ovie said he told her he put over a hundred dollars in the bank Saturday.  I sure hope he does get to saving.  For if he ever gets a few hundred he will want more.

PS  (This section was written on the back of another letter she had received.)
Well, Jean it is Monday and its been bitter cold ever since Wensday.  We killed hogs Wensday.  Made four stands of  lard  us and Joe together.  So we have just about got it all put away.  We froze a lot of ours.  Well Jean, Joyce called last night.  She was so happy they have bought a house.  She said it was beautiful.  Had three bedrooms and to baths.  She said she be home on Fri after xmas day.  Said maby she be here with Hazel some.  I do hope Hazel's family do make it for we will be dispointed if they don't.  Mark is 16 today and he sure hasent let us forget it.  He has growed so much.  Looks just like Don I thank.  Dal is fine.  He has gone over to the store.  Joyce said she had wrote Joe.  He has had his house up for sale for two months.  If he could sell they'll build a cheaper house up on the hill where he bought.  Joe tries really hard.  Jean, I will get some paper today and will write you all again later.

Lots of love, Mamma