Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 12-4-68
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Hello Jean and family.  How are your all?  For us, fine.  Guess what?  We killed hogs today.  Joe killed 2 and we killed 2.  Ours weighed 350 lbs. and Joe's weighed 360 lbs.  So they will trim them tomorrow and we will get the sausage all cut up and the lard all cut up and maybe one kettle cooked out.  Gail was down by here today.  He painted Sterling Brandon's rent house Monday and Tuesday and made $90; and he is going to paint Paul Reed's rooms.  Joe finished 2 or 3 rooms for Paul.  Ray wanted Joe to paper them but Joe said the walls was in bad shape and they decided to just sheet rock them out.  So Joe let Gail paint them and Joe has a house just about ready to let Gail paint.  Gail's eye is a lot better.  He went back to the doctor this morning and he said the doctor said it was in good shape.  Said it was better than he was expecting it to be and he told him to come back in 2 weeks and keep on using the medicine he had.  But Gail said he knew it was better for he could see good out of it.  He really loves his old truck.  He bought it from Claudine's boy, Roger.  He just give $300 and something.  It looks real good.  He has made a truck bed and painted it and it looks nice.  He sure did need it for now days it you don't have your own car you can't go nowhere. 
Ray called down here today and wanted to know where Dal was.  I told him he was up there where they was killing hogs.  So he said he had a man wanting to buy a lot from Dal.  So he went down and talked to Dal and carried the man.  So Dal told him he could have a lot.  So he said he'd be back early in the morning.  So I don't know if he will come back or not.  Dal said he thought they both was drinking.  So the man may come back and he may not, but I hope he does.
Jean, you all's land will be worth more now for they have the street black topped now and the street has been opened up.  You go on by where your lot is and at the end over just across from Dal and Tom's lot they have started a factory.  It will be a aluminum windows and door plant.  Will work about 50 or 60 men.  So that will be a help to Woodbury and you can turn off there before you get to Joe's store and cut off and miss the town and go right behind Joe's house and on behind the shirt factory and come out on the Manchester Highway.  So that will be a help.  That will be a help that will help the sale of them lots I think. 
Well, Kathy went for her 6 weeks check-up today.  Said her and the baby was fine.  They baby has growed like everything.  Kathy and Alvin and the Brandon's all went to Nashville Christmas shopping last Saturday.  So Kathy brought the baby up here.  So Ovie and me and Deb went to Murfreesboro Saturday evening.  So Martha babysat while we went to Murfreesboro.  So she said the baby was good.  So the Brandons didn't get back till 10:00.  They was wore out but Kathy said they done all their shopping.  I had a letter from Linda.  She said she was getting homesick.  Said she just got one letter last week.  I know I wrote her.  I know she does get lonesome with Danny in school.  She said the doctor said her baby could be most anytime and said she goes now every week to the doctor and said the doctor said he was sure it would be a boy but said she still believes it will be a girl.  She said Danny was fine and still doing good in school.
Well Jean, I got a letter from Hazel Monday.  And she said they had bought a house.  Talked like they got a good buy.  Said some man and woman got a divorce and they bought their house.  She said it had 2 acres so I do hope they got a good place.  She said it was just 3 bedrooms but 2 was rather large; and of course, she can get another set of bunk beds and that will take care of all the boys.  She sounded real happy.  Said she'd let me know when she moved and her new address. 
Jean, I killed several big fat hens Monday and Tuesday.  I bought them from Mrs. Barrett.  Give 75 cents each for them.  Ovie bought some for me and her both.  So tell Jamie I will keep some and make her some dressing when she comes home.
Myrna bought a big turkey for Thanksgiving.  I cooked it and made some good dressing, dumplings and giblet gravy and we had green beans, corn, dressed apples and Myrna brought some cranberry sauce and Joan brought a big coconut cake.  I believe it was the best cake I ever eat.  Martha brought rolls and fruit to make a fruit salad.  All the dinner was good.  Eva and Timmy came and Eva said Ray said for me to send him a plate.  So I fixed him some of about everything we had.  So Kathy and me carried Eva home so Ray wasn't there but Eva called me Monday from the shirt factory and she said Ray ate the supper I sent and thought it was good.  Eva looked so pretty as usual and was in a big way.  Timmy called me on Wednesday and said this is your favorite grandson and told me they would be down here for Thanksgiving.  Joe didn't come for dinner, him or Gail either but ate supper.  I had plenty of leftovers.  Robert was down here last night and he said today would be his birthday.  He wanted Joan to get him some play clay.  So she got him a box and he was so glad of it.  Mary was down Sunday night and she had all four of the kids.  So pretty and clean.  You don't ever see them dirty.  And the baby is just a doll.  She is so good.  She lays on the bed and kicks and plays.  She never cries.  Mary said she went to be early every night.  Had to wake her up to feed her supper. 
Joan is fine.  Betty came home last Wednesday night and stayed till Sunday.  She still don't like school at all.  Mildred and Thomas is still not getting along at all.  I feel so sorry for Russell.  He is so pitiful.  Mark said the other day they was playing ball and said Russell told Samuel Wood that Thomas wasn't his daddy and he told Samuel who Thomas said was but Mark couldn't remember the name.  Mark said Samuel told Russell he shouldn't talk like that.  So it is pitiful. 
Jean, Ray Basham's boy from Woodbury got killed in Viet Nam last Friday.  So they said his body should be here in about 10 days.  Ray Basham's grandmother is Dal's cousin.  He finished school with Martha.  He was married but no kids.  He had been over there since August.  Well, Joan's going down to Martha's tomorrow night.  She has an appointment to go to the dentist Friday.  And Martha came home last Wednesday night so she had to work on Friday and so did Joan and Joan had to work on Saturday.  So Martha came back home on Friday night and Saturday she was just sick with a bad cold and had a toothache and had to go to Woodbury to the dentist.  So he just looked at it and gave her something for it.  So Saturday night she got to feeling better and she went back to Nashville.  She had promised a girlfriend she would go with her to a party.  So she went back.  So she said she'd call when she got there.  So she called back about 8:00 and said she made it back.  And then she called Monday, said she had a good time at the party and her cold was better.  Said she had wrote Linda and I got a letter from Linda.  And she said today in her letter she got a card from Martha.  I know she was glad for she said she sat down and wrote Martha a long letter.  Linda said she'd be glad to see a white snow.  Said it was so warm down there and everybody was wearing shorts and they had all the Christmas decorations up and it just didn't seem like Christmas.  Said she was getting homesick so if you have not wrote her this week, do.  For I know she is glad to here from us all.  I write a long letter every week.  I had a letter from Joyce Monday and one from Hazel.
Jean, JJ Mitchell and wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last Sunday.  Bertha said it was a big crowd there and they got a lot of pretty things.  I would have liked to have went but you know Dal he didn't want to go.  Jean, Ray Dave and Billy Jean have a girl.  They named here Regina Rhea.  Sue and Charlie came down and ate dinner with us Thanksgiving.  They both ate a big dinner.  Sue said she had taken 22 radiation treatments up to that day.  So I don't how many she will have to take in all but she has a good color.  Ovie and kids were down yesterday.  They are all fine.  Jean, tell Liz and Jamie that Dal has got 2 white rabbits.  And tell them that Jacquelyn and Greg's dog had 11 pups and they said they wasn't giving any of them away.  Ha!  Jean, is George's mother coming for Christmas.  You write soon.  Tell little George and big George and the girls hello.  Love Mama and all.

Jean, got your letter.  Sure was glad to hear.  I love the kids picutre.