Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 12-17-68
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Tuesday Night, 12-17-68
Hello Jean and family.  How are all of you.  We are all fine.  I talked to Kathy a few min ago and she said the baby had a awful bad cold.  It is a big baby now and can laugh.  Kathy said Mr. Brandon was a lot more foolish over her than Mrs. Brandon.  But I guess Mrs. Brandon thanks if she made over it too much it mite her little girl's feelings.  But the little girl loves it dearly.  Well, I washed several loads of clothes and want to wash some bedspreads tomorrow.  I talked to Jewell when I was down to Martha's and Jewell said Doris was supose to come home for xmas.  I don't hardly ever see Ruth anymore.  Jewell said Butch was liking college better.  Joan had a letter from Betty.  Said she be home Fri.  Said she couldent hardly wait to get home.  Well, Joe has just left.  He comes to or three times a week.  Ray is over here on the highway working on a house that Leo Barker is building for Sherrel Tassey or Sherrel Smithson.  She got a lot from her granddaddy, Earl Pitts.  She's building a split-level house.  It is about $20,000 house.  So Ray worked yesterday and today and said he was working all week.  I told him he should and they would have money for xmas.  He bought Mrs. Bell's car.  It is a 49 model but in good shape.  Clean as a pin.  Ovie said she did wish she had got it.  You remember the Moores.  Well it was Grannys old car.   It hadent been drove in years and when Ray bought it he went home in it running like a new car.  He just give $200 for it.  If he would only take care of it.  It would carry him to work for a long time.  It still got the seat covers that come on it.  Gail is still working for Joe.  He is painting.  Hazel said she wanted Gail to come out there.  Said some man said he would start him at $3 per hour and would pay more after he seen how good he was.  But I am sure that Gail won't dare go.  But it would be good if they would.  Ovie and Shane and Deb and me went to Nashville Sat.  We done a little xmas shopping and went by and seen Martha a while.  Martha had a date with a captain to go out to a dinner Sun night.  So she called Monday and said she had a good time.  Said he was about 25 years old.  She said he was real nice looking.  Jackie and Myrna come for dinner Sun.  They are fine.  Jean have you heard about Linda and Danny having a boy.  It was born Tuesday, the 10.  Mark's birthday is the 9 and the baby on the 10.  She said it weighed 6 lb. and 11 oz. and was 18 1/2 in long.   But we have not heard what they named it.  I hope we get a letter this week.  We sent them a jam cake yesterday.  I do hope they get it before xmas day.  I hope that Linda takes care of herself.  Joyce said she'd be home the 27.  We invited Charley and Sue to come but I don't guess they will come.  Charley called me today and I am not sure but he told me they got a xmas card from some of my kids.  I don't remember who Jean.  We have not got your package yet.  Maby they will get here tomorrow.  Hazel said they was wanting to get moved.   Maby Dal and me can go after xmas to see Hazel's family.  I hope so.  Tell Liz Dal has 19 little pigs and looks for more.  Jean, Timmy came down this morn.  He is just sick with a cold.  He has almost got the crup.  So Eva called this morn and said she was sending him down here today.  He is talking me to death.  Said he had me a little gift, me and his other granny.  Ray is working over here on the Sherrel Tassy house.  It makes 3 days this week.
Jean I am so busy I don't think sometimes I will ever get done.  If it's not one thang it is another.  And I have got as slow as poor old cousin Jess Knox was.  Well, write soon.  Tell the kids hello.  I had Joan to mail your gift Monday.  I do hope you get it.

Lot's of  love,  Mamma

Timmy said tell Liz and Jamie hello and write him sometime.  Dal is already at the barn.