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January 14, 1969

Hello Jean.  How are you all?  For us, pretty good.  We sure are having cold weather.  But it's not as cold today as it has been.  Joyce left last Sun.  Dal went home with her.  So Joyce called yesterday and said Dal was leaving her house this morning and would be in Nashville tonight at 9:30.  Martha will meet him and bring him on home. Tonight Joan and Mark have gone to the ballgame at Woodbury.  Kittrell plays Woodbury.  Kathy carried her baby to the doctor yesterday.  She had the running off real bad.  I told Kathy she had better watch her and if she didn't get better, she better carry her to the doctor.  So she did carry her yesterday evening and the doctor gave her something to take.  Kathy said she was better today.  I finally heard from Hazel and Linda.  Hazel said they had got moved and Linda said she stayed busy since the baby got here.  Said he was a good boy. 

Well, Joe's kids are all sick with the flu and real bad colds.  Eleasa was awful sick yesterday Mary said. She just layed and slept all last Monday.  Joan was just dead with a cold all last week.  Just got so she couldn't talk she was so hoarse.  Joyce and Hazel both had it while they were here.  Joyce said Dal helped them move and they got in their new house.  Dal really does like Florida. 

Jackie came by today.  He has got a good job now.  He is getting $140 a week straight.  So he is tickled pink over it.  Gail was down here today.  His truck quit running so he left it down here.  So he came back and got it.  He has not worked anywhere since Christmas as it has been so cold. PS:  Here it is Wednesday.  Dal got home last night about 11:00.  Joan and Mark had just got in from the ballgame.  Kittrell girls won and Woodbury boys won.  Joan said the house was full.  I meant to go but just decided to just stay awhile with Ovie.  Dal said Joyce's house was beautiful.  He said Mr. and Mrs. Harris came over several times.  Dal sure does love Florida. 

Jean, it sure has warmed up a lot.  It's just like summer today.  Jean, Shane said that when I wrote you to tell you to send him a pair of gloves like the ones you sent Mark, he said he would love to have a pair.  Martha was fine.  Said she wouldn't be home this weekend.  Jean, Mamie Rogers called me yesterday and said when I wrote you to tell you that she sure was glad to hear from you and hear how cold it was there.  You must have promised to write her for she has called me two or three times and told me to tell you how glad she is to hear from you.  How are the kids and big George?  How is Mrs. Matthews?  Is she coming to see you all.  Tell Liz and Jamie we are getting two or three eggs a day.  Sue is doing pretty good.  Charlie calls everyday to see how we are.  He asks about you all everytime he calls.  Drop them a card every now and then. 

Did I tell you I had a letter from Doris?  She said they had a mean trip back.  Said it was windy and cold.  Claude said he didn't know when he had every come back.  They didn't go to see Jewel.  I have not been to see Jewel yet.  They stopped by two weeks ago and said Butch had quit college.  Joe and Jewel hated for him to quit. 

Jean, did I write about me going to Brown's big shoe sale.  It was the 7th day of January.  Joan gave me $15 for xmas.  She was going to get me some shoes but if I wait till the Brown sale, I could get better shoes.  So Kathy carried me and I got a pair of black pump alligators.  They are real pretty.  And I got a pair just for everyday wear.  They are low heel and soft.  They were marked $17.95 but I got them for $12.95.  And the pumps were $15 and I got them for $10.95.  So they had a bag just like the alligator pumps for $7.98.  I just couldn't see buying shoes, bag and all.  When I got home Joan fussed.  So the next day she said she'd go back and if they had it, she'd get it and she'd pay half and I'd pay half, but it had already been sold.  So now I wish I had got it.  The shoes will last for years.  I know one thing it's the highest I ever paid for shoes. 

Joe is here tonight.  He said Mary and some of the kids are sick.  Sure is a lot of cold going around.

The rest is missing.