Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 11-24-68
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11-24-68 (Sunday)
Hello Jean & George.  How are you all?  For us pretty good.  Martha is here and Joe and Mary have just left.  They was fine.  Their baby is growing but looks just like a boy and is still so good. 
Well, Martha and me went up to Jackie's for a while and back down to see Kathy and Alvin for a while.  Martha hadn't seen the baby in 2 or 3 weeks.  She has growed so much and was sound asleep so we didn't wake her up.  Ovie come down and went to church at Curlee her and Martha and Shane.  Myrna said they'd be down Thursday for dinner.  Said she'd send a big turkey down Wednesday and I could cook it and make the dressing.  She said they'd bring the cranberrry sauce.  Said she'd get the berries and cook them.  So Martha will come up Wednesday night.  She said she'd get some rolls and bread.  So I want Ovie to come, but she may fix dinner at home.  Bud may be there.  Eve and Timmy may come but Mary said she'd go to her mother's. 
Jean it rained last night and this morning but has cleared as of now and I think its turning cold now.  We want to kill hogs by Thursday if it is cold.  I sure will be glad to get it over with.  Ruth came last night.  Said they was fine and she had a letter from Hazel.  Said she heard from Doris about every week and that they would be down here for Christmas.  So I am sure Doris will stop by and see us.  Billy hasn't had her baby yet and she's not too big; but it is time for the baby. 
Well, Gail worked all last week but his eye is still hurting him.  he said if it didn't get better he was going to the Vereran's Hospital.  I have not seen Ray in several days.  Eva calls me sometime from the shirt factory.  Well, Jean I got the Christmas bonus check Saturday; so I have already got your kids, Jacquelyn and Marsha and Joyce's baby.  So I want to get the others this next week if I can for I just can't go to town too often for it just wears me out.  I want to make my jam cake the first of December.