Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 10-25-68
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Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For me I am tired.  I washed a load of clothes and cleaned up the house and at 1:00 I went with Mrs. Gaither to the funeral home.  Mr. Walker Thomas was buried today.  It was 2 more bodies there.  We just went to the funeral home.  Well Jean, Kathy had her baby Tuesday, the 22nd at 1:35 o'clock.  She had a pretty hard time.  She went to the hospital at 1:00 Tuesday morning.  Of course, she wasn't bad off when she went.  But the baby is a girl, weighed 8 lbs, 2 ozs.  It was a real big baby and pretty.  Eva Lois's first cousin (you remember the girl Eva use to run around with) well, she was in the room with Kathy.  She had a girl also.  It was 7 or 8 girls and 1 boy in the nursery.  Mr. Frank Peay is in the hospital also.  He had a car wreck one day this week.  He was hurt pretty bad.  I guess Kathy will come home Saturday.  She is coming up here and staying a week as Mrs. Brandon is working and I couldn't hardly go down there.  So they will stay here for a week.  Mr. and Mrs. Brandon were right down there to see the baby.  They seem like they was just tickled pink.  I think Mrs. Brandon wanted a girl.  She told Kathy a long time ago it would be nice if it was a girl.  Joyce had Deb to get it a little outfit and Ovie and Deb got it a pair of pajamas and a pair of shoes.  Myrna said she was geting a little outfit.
I called Joyce Tuesday night and that Linda was there.  She said she was fine.  Said she guessed she'd stay till Friday.  Said Danny was doing real well in school but they still hadn't got any money from the government.  She said they could make it fine if they could get that money.  I think he will draw about $155 a month.  That would pay the rent and some. 
Jean, how is Liz and Jamie and little George?  I saw Mai today.  She was pretty good.  Bertha carried her 4 dozen eggs as we went to the funeral.  Joan has gone to sewing practice.  I hope she can learn to sew for it would be worth a million if she did.  Deb and Larry got Ovie a watch for Christmas.
Dal helped Jackie today.  Jackie is building a little building to put the pony in.  We gave him the corn stalks here in the garden to feed their pony.  Jean, we still have had much rain and tonight it said we have a big frost tonight.  Jean, Joan got a letter from Betty today.  She gets about 2 a week.  I think Betty is liking it some better now.  Shane and Mrs. Bryant and a lot of the school kids from where Shane goes to school, well, they down here to see Dal's barn.  Said they all liked the barn.  I reckon Mrs. Bryant really likes Shane.  Joe came down tonight for a while.  Mary was down here last Sunday night.  She said she was going to take Robert and Marsha to the box supper at Woodbury Saturday night.  They sold a lot of tickets.  I bought some.  Me, Dal and Mark took some from her.  I hope I get the big basket of groceries.  Mark will have his picture made tomorrow.  He has to wear a suit. 
Jean, do you remember Jewell Hoover, the woman that married 5 times.  Well, she give a baby boy out for adoption about 32 years ago.  He would be about Jackie's age.  Well, he has found out and has got in touch with Jewell.  He has been in the service and been married 3 times and is now living in California.  Junior Todd's wife, that's Jewel's girl, she was telling me today all about it.  Said he was coming to see Jewel in March.  Said Jewel was praying to live to get to see him.  Can you beat that! 
Joan has just come in.  She bought her 2 pretty dresses from Goldstein store.  I do wish I could sew for I would make me 2 or 3 dark dresses, something you wouldn't have to dry clean for it cost so much to get them cleaned.  Well Jean, Kathy named the baby Elizabeth Dawn.  Do you like that?  Joan has brought in some halloween candy and we are eating it.  Will your kids go spooking?  We have several pumpkins.  All of the grandkids will have one around here.  Timmy has already got his.  And of course, Russell Reed will get one.  You know he hardly ever comes out.  I don't see him now once a week.  They had their tv fixed about 2 weeks ago and he watches tv now all the time.  It had been tore up for at least 6 or 7 months.  Well Jean, I will close right soon.  Tell all the kids hello and we miss them.
PS  Mabel Reed and girl had a bad wreck last night in front of Roses under that stop light.  A truck pulled out in front of Mabel and her girl went through the windshield.  Took over 100 stitches in and on her face.  We went in to see them a while.  We was down to see Kathy, me and Martha went.  Mabel was cut in the head up in her hair, arms, legs and her stomach is awful sore.  Just tore the car completely up.  Had to pry the door open to get them out.  I do hope they get alright soon.  Mai and Ruby was down at the hospital to see Mabel and they went up and seen Kathy and the baby.  Said she might come Monday and stay all day Monday.  Mark had to have his picture made with a suit on for his class or something like that.  Well, Kathy will be home tomorrow.  Gail and Joyce will eat supper with us tonight.  They are fine.  Jean, it is real cold.  We will get a big frost tonight.  I gathered a lot of sweet peppers and a lot of tomatoes.  A lot of them were ripe.  Ovie has not been down in a week or two.  Joan is out with Bill.  Eva is coming down tomorrow and going to Nashville.  She is dying to see the baby.  Said she was getting it something in town.  Jean, you and George be sure to vote for Wallace.  We all are.  I have told you all I know.  Write soon.  Mother