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10/20/68  Sunday

Hello Jean and family,   How are you all?  For us pretty good.  We went to church this morning.  Was a big crowd there.  Joan went with us.  She goes to New Hope most ever Sunday.  Well, Jackie and Myrna come last night for a while and Joe come down.  He comes every Saturday night.  They come sometime through the week but Mary and the kids come too.  The baby is growing.  Marsha and Robert sold a lot of tickets for the pie supper and Jackie's kids sold a lot too.  I think Timmy sold some too.  Ray and Gail painted Malcom Reed's barn top yesterday and has the house top to paint tomorrow.  Gail has been working for Joe the last two weeks.  Joe got a lot of painting to do for Steve McKnight in Murfreesboro.  He will buy a awful lot of paint from Joe.  Well Jean, Hazel called Friday night.  She said they was just fine.  Said she was still looking for us.  Said they might go to Oklahoma for a few days to see some friends there.  They might go Thanksgiving.  Said she knew Ken wouldn't go.  He has to play ball.  She said she guessed they'd be home for Christmas.  It is just around the corner. 
How is the girls and little George and how is big George.  Jean, me and Dal went to a sale Saturday and I seen White Holt.  She is Ruth Holt's mother.  She said her boy, Ronnie that married Joe Lanners' ex-wife, well she said they have separated.  He has been married three times.  She said she was just worried sick over her boy. 
I went to see Jess last Thursday.  Laura and Bertha went with me.  We went up and seen where Joe is going to build his house sometime.  But Bertha said it would be a pretty place she guessed.  But she likes it better down in the level part. 
Well Jean, Martha come home this afternoon.  Joan went down to Nashville Saturday and had some teeth fixed.  So Bill brought her home.  So Martha brought Joan's car home.  She will ride back with Callie Ann in the morning.  Jean, Joan heard that Johnny was getting married next Saturday.  I know it hurt Martha when Jimmy McKnight told her. 
Well Jean, it is after supper and Joe and Mary come down for a while.  They are fine.  Well, Martha and Callie had just left.  Martha was just fine.  She didn't seem to care a bit about Johnny going to get married this next weekend.  She said well, if that's what he wanted, she was glad for him.  She seems to be just fine and having a lot of dates.  Well, Joan is just fine.  Her and Bill have gone somewhere.  Kathy is still fine.  Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Alvin went down to Mrs. Brandon's father and mother's place Saturday.  And Mr. Brandon bought a new pickup truck and Alvin drove it home and the Brandon's stayed till today.  So Kathy come up early Saturday morning and Alvin got back about 6:00 o'clock Saturday evening.  We was eating supper when he got here.  Joe was here and Myrna and Jackie.  So Jackie thought the truck was so pretty.  It is a 1968.  Kathy and Alvin stayed till about 9:00 and they went home.  Kathy said they was going to sleep late this morning.  So she has just called and said the Brandon's had got home and she was feeling okay.  Well, Sue is doing...  She was at church today.  Butch was at church.  Jess told me that Butch didn't like college at all.  He is going to Cookville school.  Mildred and Thomas went to see Betty this weekend.  I know Betty wll be glad to see them. 
Well, Jean how is the weather.  We are having a little cool weather.  We had a little rain and it turned cool.  Mary Wood and her man got back last night from their honeymoon trip.  Jean, when I wrote you I never did tell you Dal's shoe size.  If that is what you get, you will need to know the size
.  I am going to Nashville with Joan next Saturday and do some shopping and that way I won't be rushed.  Aline said me and her will just look and take our time.  She is going with us and Eva wants to go also. 
Well Jean, i will close.  Write soon and take care of yourself. 
Lots of love, Mama and all
Dal is feeling pretty good.  He will go tomorrow to get a shot.  He goes about every Monday.