Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 10-12-68
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10/12/68  Saturday

I didn't go to Woodbury today.  Went yesterday.  So today I washed 2 loads of clothes and mopped the bathroom, kitchen and den and washed window over the sink.  Jackie and family come for supper.  Myrna brought some bananas and cookies to make a banana pudding.   And I had green beans, potatoes and fried chicken.  Pudding was real good.
Kathy come tonight with Joan.  Joan had been to Nashville to have some teeth fixed.  She got Kathy to fix her hair.  Joan went to Mary Wood's wedding at New Hope.  Said she and 3 other ladies were the only ones there except the families. 
Martha didn't come up this week.  I got a letter from you and Joyce and Hazel and Linda this week.  Linda talks like she's doing fine.  I do hope she has a boy.  Shane came last night and painted some posts red for Dal.  Dal give him a dollar.  He said he should have 25 cents a post.  He was almost as red as the post when he got done.  You asked if Dal needed some house shoes.  Yes he does or a housecoat.  He wears that old tan looking one that you got Gail when he got burnt and me just anything.  Joan got me a pretty green wool dress last Saturday.  I wore it last Sunday.  I really did need a nice dress. 
You said you would send me some stamps when you buy gas.  I hope you all do get some.  I got me a pretty thing that goes over the bathroom commode and has shelves and a place to hang shelves.  Joan and Joyce picked it out.  It took 2 or 3 books and today Mary sent her stamps by Joan and got a bedspread.
Sue is doing fine.  Ovie and Bud have gone somewhere tonight and Shane is back down here.  Joan will stay with Betty's 2 girls.  Why don't you let me send you the Cannon Courier.  It would be so much company.  You could see what all happens in the big city of Woodbury.  It costs $7 to send it to you.
Joan said she would write you a long letter.  She is so busy all the time.  Dal said he didn't see how she helt out.  I told him I didn't know but one thing that she was young.
Kathy is still going.  She has been sick over two weeks with a cold.  Joe and Mary come down Friday night.  They have the prettiest baby and she is so good. It was teacher's meeting yesterday so Timmy came down and stayed all day.  Dal and me carried him home.  Eva called this morning from work and said tell Joan to be sure and get her a pocket book.  So Joan did.  She called from work.  She works about every Saturday morning.  She said her take home check was $129.  I thought that was good for 2 weeks.  Ray worked for Joe last week.  Gail has been painting all he can do.  He got a pretty good truck from Roger Dale and has it just about paid for.  Joyce said he made over $100 this week.  Last night they came for supper and bought a barrel of Colonel Sanders and had biscuits and gravy too.  Gail said he ate 5 pieces.  I think Dal even liked it. Here it is Sunday night.  We just had Shane for dinner.  Joyce and Bill came but had already eaten.  Dal and me went to Turner Knox wife's funeral.  She was 75 years old. 
There was a big crowd there.  It is real warm today but is thundering.  Maybe it will rain.  Did you all go to church.  They are building a new bridge over on Dry Fork.  So all the traffic has to come by here.  Shane said he hadn't heard from you in a long time.  Try and write him or let Liz write him.
P.S. Monday
It was good to talk to you.  Was just like you were in Woodbury. Kathy is here.  She is fine.  Dal has gone to Woodbury to get a shot.  He gets one every week.
Your daddy is doing real well.  Better than he has been since the election.