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Thursday Night   Jan 30,1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all.  For us pretty good, but are having a lot of rain.  Sun night it come a big snow.  Wasn't any school Monday but Kittrell had school Tues, but Woodbury ws out two days.  So now its been raining ever since Tuesday and is just awful warm.  Dal's pigs are real pretty.  He has some ready to sell.  But there won't be a pig sale up at the Woodbury stock barn til the second week in Feb.  We are going to see Hazel as soon as we get rid of the pigs.  Nessie Mae said she wished she could go with us, but she won't get her vacation until way in the summer.  Joan wants to take hers the last week in June or the first week in July.  She is buying her a new bug.  She said if she traded now she could get around $800 for her old car on the new one. And if she waited longer she wouldn't get nothing much for her old car.  It's been so bad til its not much outside work to do for the last two or three weeks or longer.  It was a few weeks so cold  you couldn't hardly stand it and now it rains so much.  Old Jackie is 33 years young Sunday.  Reckon what Myrna will serve him for dinner.  I just talked to Ovie. She said that Deb hadn't got a job yet.  She don't draw any more from Nile.  Now Shane has growed so much and is a good boy.  He told me the other day he had to lose weight.  He was getting too fat.  Dal and me went up to see Luke and Alberta Tues night and they wasn't home. So we came on back and stopped at Era's.  So they was there .  She was so glad to see us, her and Bailey both.  Era is looking old.  She has let her teeth all rot out but one here and there.  That makes her look older than she really is.  Howard said today that Jess wasn't doing any good at all.  Cathy and me went to see Jess last Sat.  He was glad to see me but he wasn't as well as he has been.  They have a tube in his bladder and his hand was awful red.  Ray Dave was there and he said he was allergic to something.  I carried him some meat and biscuits.  Poor old cousin Ora, she is just bones and skin . And Mason Brandon's wife is real bad off.  They have moved her down in the hospital part.  Her folks go up and sit with her.  Well Jean, I called Mamie Rogers tonight and talked to her and she asked about you.  I told her you said in your last letter that you would write her sometime.  She said John wasn't doing any good.  I talk to Charley about ever day.  Me and Cathy was supposed to go last Tues and eat dinner with them, but Mon all that snow was on the ground.  So I called Sue and told her we wouldn't come Tues, but come one day next week.  So maybe we can go.  Sue says she is not doing good.  I think she should get her a TV and get out and go a lot and that way she wouldn't sit and study about herself so much.  Well Paul Reed's girl, Judy, is getting married.  So I have been invited to go.  Guess I will go.  Dal may go too, but if he don't I can go with the Gaithers.  I went to Woodbury this morn and got a glass.  It cost $4.25.  It was real pretty.  So Mrs. Gaither went this evening.  When she got home she called me and called to tell what she got.  And I told her I went this morn .  So we got the same thang and she said Gertrude was there and she got a glass too.  And I was talking to Mai and she said she wanted to go tomorrow and get something.  The china plates were $13.00 and the cup and saucer was $13.00.  Pat Reed said her mom and daddy JT got a sugar and creamer and pitcher.  Well Jean, we got a lot of flue going .  We've not had it but the hospitals are full.  I talked to Cathy this morn and she said Alvin had the flue and was just sick.  He got out and run the cows.  So he got hot and I guess that's why he's got the flue.  Linda said her baby weighed 13 or 14 lbs.  Said he was so good.  Said he lay in the bed and just smiled.  I bet they are foolish over him.  She said it was up in the eighties.  Said the baby just wore a diaper and a little T shirt.  Jean, how is little George?  Does he still get hurt?  How is the grown teenagers?  I sure did enjoy their letters.  Tell them all hello.  Well Martha has not been home in two weeks, but she said she'd be home this week.  She is fine and happy.  Dal is feeling pretty good.  He had a cold a few days but is OK now.  Jean, how is big George?  Does he enjoy the cold?  Jean, the picture of yourself looks so good.  You look better than I seen you in a long time.  Everone thought so. Well Jean it is bedtime.  I will close for tonight.  Write soon and take care of yourself and the family.  How is Mrs. Mathews?  Lots of love.  Mother

PS. Jean, I got the check for my coat.  So I want to go Sat and get me a coat.  I have not had a long coat since the 12th day of Dec.  I told you before that the laundryman lost my coat--the one Linda give me.

Tell Liz and Jamie their dog is fine.  He sure gets plenty to eat.  Shane said when they carried the dog up to Dr. Walker, the parrot would say  Does Peirre need a shot.  Jean, write Ovie when you can.   She goes to work ever day at six and comes home and does ever thang.  She can't keep a car fixed.  She's not had a car since Dal went to Florida.  She give $1000 for a real nice car, clean as a pin.  Larry had a wreck in it and cut down a telephone pole.  Tore up $600 on the car but he walked off with not a scratch.  She had insurance to take care of it but they have not got it fixed yet.