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Thursday night, Jan 23, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  Got your letter today.  I bet you are froze up. The weather has been real warm ever since Sat.  It rained Sunday all day.  We went to church and come home.  Joe and Robert came down about two oclock.  All his family have had the flue.  We have not had the flue.  Joan had a sore throat and couldent talk for a few days.  Talked to Eva this morn.  She said  Timmie had the ear ake and dident go to school one day.  He is in the band.  Saxophone  is what he plays.  Eva said he felt so good.  I do hope he does good.  I had a letter from Joyce last week.  She said  they had ever thang moved and fixed up.  Said she sure did like the house.  Dal said it was awful pretty.Cathy and Alvin came up today.  Alvin went somewhere to get a load of feed.  Dal went with him.  They got back at twelve.  Gail came down.  His stomach was hurting him.  He was just sick.  Said if it dident get better he'd go to the Dr but he said he guess he had been smoking too much.  Joyce is fine.  Gail said she had got a raise at work.  He said she just owed two more payments on her car.  I bet she will be glad of that.  Well Jean, guess what?  Dal and me went up to Jackie's tonite and watched TV a while.  It was real good.  Their old one tore up and Ramon Duke bought a color TV and put it up while he fixes the old one.  But I bet Jackie buys it.  It sure was nice and clear.  I do wish we had one but Dal said he had rather have $500 on a new truck than a color TV.  But of course, he wont get either, but it want hurt to wish. Ha!  Poor old Charley called me early Monday and asked what we was doing and if we would watch the President Parade.  Said they might come down at twelve and watch it.  So I called him back and told them to come on down and watch it all.  It started at nine oclock.  He said they would wait and come after dinner.  But I begged them to come on.  I told him Dal was here and I would fix dinner anyway.  So here they came.  They really did enjoy it.  I feel sorry for them for you know how lonesome it is without TV and I know they could buy one.  She said her radiation treatment was $400.00.  Said she took 41 treatments.  Gertrude has a knot took off her breast on Fri after Xmas, but it wasn't anything.  But she was worried sick.  Tell Jamie she dont have to worry about her dog for Shane will sure give it to you as soon as you get home.  And he takes such good care of him and feeds him good.  I dont guess Pierre really misses you, for he is taking such good care of by Shane.  Shane talks about Liz and Jamie evertime I see him and asks if I have heard from you all.  How is Georgie? I bet he'd like to be here going to the barn and feeding the pups and pigs.  We have five little pups and still have 40 little pigs.  Its a barn full. 
PS.  Well Jean here it is Friday.  Where does the time go?  I never get thru and dont go anywhere either.  We did finally go to Jewel and Joe's Tues nite.  They was glad to see us.  We had been planning on going for a year.  So she had  us a good time and after dinner she called Jewel, my first cousin-- you know Jewel thats been married so many times.  Well Uncle Jim Reed is staying down there this winter.  She has a beautiful house, color tv in the den and two or three more in the other rooms.  Looks like Uncle Jim would be happy but he is so homesick.  He was so glad to see Dal and me.  Jewel Gillespie promised me if I ever come down there, we'd all go over and see Jewel.  So she called and told Jewel we was coming.  She wanted Jewel to bring us all over and eat with them but we dident.  Gladys, Jewel's girl, was in the hospital.  She was having an operation.  She's been in Central State and Gladys girl is married and has a baby and devorced. Also her family is giving her trouble just like Jewel done  Aunt Lue and Uncle Jim.  You remember Jewel had a baby boy the day Howard Knox Jonnie was born and she give him away.  So now Jewel has found him in Cal.  He has been married three times and has been in service.  He has called Jewel several times from Cal and sent a lot of his pictures.  He sure is good looking .  His wife looks like an Indian.  She said he was coming to see her in March.  She said she was the happiest woman in the world to know just where her boy was and to get a chance to see him.  To hear her talk, you couldn't help but feel sorry for her.  I don't think if I had given one away and hadn't seen him for 32 years, I would want to see him and relive the heartaches, do you?  But you really don't know til it's you.  Well Jean, I do hope Georgie don't get any more cuts on his nose.  He is such a pretty boy.  I am afraid if he don't slow up on being Tarzan, he will get killed.  You should just put him on the plane and send him back to us.  Dal would guard him and they could work at the barn and I bet he wouldn't never miss you all.  Joyce stayed over a week and Shawn never did say a word about Tommy.  He loves Dal and wanted to go to the barn a dozen times a day.  Jean, the laundry man lost my black coat.  I sent it off the 12th day of Dec, so he said yesterday I get a check in a day or two.  I charged $40.00, that was high but if I hadent lost the coat, I doubt if I would have bought a Sunday coat ever again.  I doubt if I find one as nice as I had for $40.00.  Well Jean, I well close.  Write soon.  Mama.  Everone around is fine.