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Sat. night

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For us pretty good.  I went to Woodbury and got a perment.  We are planning on going on to Hazel's Tues. if it fairs up.  It has rained all day.  A cold rain and about 3:30 it started snowing and is still snowing strate down.  It is supose to be a three or four inch snow and the roads are bad and having wrecks.  Gail and Joyce have just come by going home and Gail said somebody had had a wreck down here on Pete's hill.  Said it was a 60 or 63 model and Joe has just left.  He said if the snow keeps up he wouldent go after Mary and the kids.  They went to Mrs. Higgins but Joe said he told Mary if it was bad he wouldent come after her.  Ray and Eva was down earlier this evening.  I sent by Eva to get Dal two sun shirts.  One was light blue and one was a darker blue both real pretty.  She paid $2 each.  Ovie sent three or four shirts for me to take to Terry.  Jackie called tonight and asked if the rabbits wasent big enough to take from the mother.  I told him we was going to take Roger and Terry a pair.  Hazel said Al said brang them two.  Well, I got a letter from Linda and some pictures of the baby.  He is so big and pretty.  Dal and Kathy thought he looked just like Linda but I couldent see that.  I bet he will look like Danny.  He sure is big.  Jean Dal has sold the old McFirn house and lot to Tom.  As his part he is getting $4500 for our half.  Of course, me I just can't see why he wouldent want to hold it another year as they have put a black top road in front of Joe's house.  That street they have black topped it and at the end of our land just right over the fence they have put a window and door factory and our street leads right out by it.  It will work about 60 men so for me I thank it will be worth a lot more.  But Dal he wants Tom to have it.  He says $4500 will get us out of det and we will have the house in Readyville and five or six lots left on Joe's street and that will be all.  But you know Dal he never loses a battle.  But just thank we have paid bills and helt on and now it looks like it is ready to be worth more we sell.  Well Shane is down here tonight.  He said Ovie got her car out of the shop today.  It sure took a long time for them to fix her car.  She had insurance to cover it all.  Joan and Bill have gone someone.  Kathy and Alvin went to Nashville last night and they wanted to know if would ride down with them.  And Kathy said I could look for me a coat.  So we begged Dal to go but he wouldent go.  So we let Alvin keep the baby and Martha carried us to Kosters and Harvey's.  I found one for $26.  It had been marked down from $55 to $40 and on to $26.  It was something like the one I had before.  Kathy and Martha both thought it was a bargin and you know they do sell good thangs there.  Linda had wrote in her letter for me to go there.  She mite have got the coat she got me there so I sure am glad I have got that over with.  Well Jean, Eva and Ray and Timmy come back and stayed awhile.  They said the roads had been cleared up.  Well, Jean Dal sold 20 of his pigs last Thursday.  They brought $280.  He got $14 each for them.  I hope he gets that for the other 20 in about two weeks.  These are not as old as the ones we sold.
Well, how are the girls and little Tarzan?  Are you all still frozen in?  We had all last week so pretty and sunny.  I washed and my clothes would be dry in no time at all.  Jess Knox came by Thursday and I went with him to see Aunt Myrtle McGill.  She is in bad shape.  he can't walk.  Her daughter has to wait on her like a baby.  Well Jean I went to see Jess and Aunt Cynthia and cousin Ora.  Jess is in bad shape.  He was so glad to see me.  He asked me just why wouldent Dal come.  Said tell him to come and stay a little while.  He said Ruth dident come like she did.  Said the girl was courting.  Said he thought she was too young.  I dident know whether he was talking about Judy or Joe Helen.  Joe Helen is going to school in Memphis.  Betty came home about 2 weeks ago and stayed a week but Joe Helen went to Nashville.  I talked to Ruth and Ruth said she dident come home but they went to Nashville and seen her while she was there.  Eva Lois had a awful bad cold tonight.  And that Timmy is just as mean as ever. 
Jean, you don't ever say a word about Mrs. Matthews.  Do you hear from her often?  Martha was just fine last night.  She was supose to come tomorrow but I don't guess she will make it as it is so bad.  Martha sure was suprised to see us last night.  I was suposed to tell her yesterday but she dident call me so I could tell her.  I do hope she is not out tonight for the news is just on and they are begging people to stay off the streets in Nashville.  And it showed cars slipping and sliding on the roads.  Joan got her some beautiful material to make her a dress and coat.  The dress is solid but the coat will be checked.  It is beautiful.  She will get Burton Cawthron's wife to make them.  She has made Joan several dresses and she does real good and they fit Joan perfect.  Jean I do hope when you come home you can make me some pretty curtins and maby they will last me as long as I live.  That is, if I get good material.  I thank curtins make a house, don't you.  Jean, I have been making some good pies and freezing to have for the kids to eat while we are gone.  I have three made and Mark came in tonight and he said "Mamma, your pies are prettier than Mrs. Smithson's and she sells hers for $1.10 each".  They have got a cooker or something in the store.  They have had it about two weeks and you can get barbecue chicken or pies.  Eva said they got a chicken tonight.  Mark said they was selling a lot of the cooked food.  It sure does look good.
Jean, I did weigh 195 so I am 184 tonight.  If I make it down to 175 by Easter, Martha is getting me a new outfit.  So I believe I will make it.  This morning I cooked three or four big pieces of lean shoulder, had gravy, biscuits and fried Dal a egg and blackberry jam butter.  And Dal ate meat, egg, gravy and five biscuits and jam and butter and to cups of coffee.  After we ate, I asked Dal was he all that hungry and I had one piece of diet bread, a parched egg and diet jelly and a tinch of butter and coffee.  But I have got so I am not to hungry.  I drank about to diet rites a day, eat a boiled egg and Dal likes them to.  So I buy fish Joan helped Kathy pick it out.  I think it cost $20 and she is getting some woman to make the coat.  The baby is still a big baby real pretty.  She is so friendly and laughs all the time.  Sterling is so crazy over her but Mrs. Brandon don't make to much over her.  For her little girl tries to be little like the baby and I know Mrs. Brandon is afraid she will hurt her feelings so she don't make over the baby to much.
Well Mark got home from Coy's store about 8:30.  He said they had a big day.  That Greg and Jacquelin have growed so much and Myrna is doing good.  Well Jean I will close.  Write soon and take care of your self and the kids. 

Lots of Love, Mamma and all
ps.  Jean we have not made the deed to Tom yet but Dal has already told him he could have it and Tom said he would take it.