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Monday Night   March 3, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all.  For us pretty good.  I was just sick because I wasn't here to talk to you Sun but Martha said you was just fine.  I just know that little George has growed like Terry.  How is Liz and Jamie?  I bet they have growed a lot also. And how are you and George.  Have you all put on any weight or have you all lost.  I weigh 182 lbs.  I am going down slowly.  I sure did like the looks of that good candy you sent.  But I didn't eat but a little piece.  Ray and Eva and Tim got a piece and Joe ate a piece.  Shane stayed all night Sat night and he ate some and said Jean don't ever send me no candy.  He has changed a lot.  He is so good.  Martha wants Cathy and Alvin to come down to her house this weekend and take Shane.  He wouldn't be any trouble and she would take him to the show.  So I know he will love to go.  Martha came home Fri night and stayed till this morn.  She was fine.  So Sat morn I got up at six oclock and fixed breakfast for Dal, Mark and me.  I fixed a plate of sausage and some biscuits and I carried them to the funeral home.  Mark had to go to work at eight oclock.  So I went on and stayed till about twelve and come home.   So we didn't go back Sat night but we went to the funeral home Sun afternoon.  It was a big crowd there.  Gertrude and all the family was just killed.  Peggy had a little girl age 13 years and a little boy about the age ot Timmie.  They will have a hard time.  Peggy was married to Gentry Hibbon.  She was 32 years.  She is the same age as James Allen and she worked at Murfreesboro.  It was two colored girls come to the funeral.  They worked with her.  She had a car wreck and was killed dead.  Well, Kittrell boys went to Cookville today and got beat.  Mark and a lot of the boys went from school.  Woodbury is still playing.  They will have a game Wed night. Thomas is in the hospital.  It's his kidneys.  He may have to have an operation.  Ray Dave Reed is at home, but will be leaving for Vietnam the last of this week.  Betty will be home some time this week.  Cathy and me are going to see Charley and Sue tomorrow.  Joe was down Sat night and Ray and Eva and Timmie came down last night.  Ray and Eva have put new cabinet tops on their cabinets and put new tile on their floor.  Ray is doing a lot better than he used to.  He's not dranking as much as he did.  He told Cathy the other night that they had fixed the floor and cabinets and they was getting them some new furniture and he wants them to come for supper.  Cathy said she felt sorry for Ray.  So Eva was in the biggest way last night.  She has a spell over the baby here and Ray both.  Ovie moved just down the street from the hospital.   The house will be a lot bigger.  Gail is working a few days for Joe and Ray is hoping to get a job at that new factory rite over the street from Dal's and Tom's land.  I do hope he gets one.  I thank if he could get a job and get to working and making money, he will do all rite.  For you know when you get down, it's hard to get up.  So that's the way of Ray.  He just layed around till he has got low.  So I thank he is ready to do better now and I sure hope he does.  Jean, we had the best time at Hazel's.  We just went rite to the door.  Hazel was suprised for she thought sure we'd have to call for them to meet us.  So they all was glad to see us.  We carried two rabbits and they was tickled pink over them.  I do wish little George could see them.  He would have a fit.  It is still five more in the pen and the mother and daddy rabbit.  So we will have another bunch before you all come home.  I thank Joyce wants two for Shawn.  Us and the Gaithers are going to see Joyce about the middle of April.  They are planning on going big.  Joyce said be sure and brang them.  Bill and Joan are fine.  Cathy and Alvin come up last night.  They are fine.  Jean, did you ever write Doris.  Me and Bertha and Joan went to the show to see Unlce Tom's Cabin and we seen Ann Wagner.  She looked the same.  Jean, Dal laughed when he seen the candy you sent.  He said you need not worry, that you wouldent have to pay me to lose weight for I wouldn't lose.  So I told Cathy it would have been better for you to send me that much of some kind of diet rite food.  Hazel bought me a good little cake while I was there.  It tasted sorty like it had molasses in it.  She had a big German chocolate cake cooked when we got there but I didn't even taste of it.  But it looked real good. She bought a big turkey and cooked it on Sat.  Mrs. Beck, Blanch and her first man, Taylor, and Bobby came Sat and ate dinner and supper.  So Mon Dal and Hazel and me and Roger went to Sheridan and spent the day with Mrs. Beck.  So Lila came over and ate dinner.  Mrs Beck had a good dinner.  We went to Hazel's church Sun and Sun night.  Sherry is real smart to help Hazel and Ken is real pretty.  He is real quite and so is Don.  Only Don looks so much like Tommie.  Tommie will never have a boy that looks any more like him and he is so good.  But of course that Terry is a doll, but nosy like Shane- all boy.  And Roger is so good and sweet.   He talked the whole time we were there and cryed when we left.  And Hazel's house is beautiful.  I sure do like it.  I never seen as many cabinets in one kitchen.  It is beautiful.  Dal likes it too.  Myrna came by this morning.  She carried Greg to the Dr.  He has infection in his ears.  He sure looked bad. And Timmie had to go to the Dr Fri, Sat and Sun to take a shot.  He had sore throat ral bad. 
PS.  Jean, it is Tuesday night.  Cathy and me went to see Sue and Charley.  We ate dinner with them.  Pearl Know came down for dinner also.  We sure did enjoy ourselves.  She had a good dinner.  Mason Brandon's wife died yesterday.  She had been sick a long time.  Well, Joan and me went to see Ray and Eva tonight and stopped at Ovie's for a while.  They was fine.  Joe came down tonight for a while.  Marsha is doing fine now.   She took some vitamins.  Jean, somebody ran into Aunt Rina Sat night and another car was coming and it was a three car crash up.  Said Donny Smithson, Sherryl Tassey's husband and Bobby Wood was the one that hit Rina.  Said he went to pass and along came this other car and he pulled back and hit Rina and then knocked the other car, but Rina was the only one hurt.  She is still in the hospital, but they said she didn't have no broken bones.  Debbie said she liked her job real good.  Jean, it has been pretty cold all this week.  I may go to the Brandon woman's funeral tomorrow with the Gaithers.  I had a letter from Joyce yesterday.  She said they was fine.  I had a letter from Linda last week.. She talks like her baby is so good.  I bet he is pretty.  Dal has took a little cold since we come back.  He's not had much of a cold all winter.  Well, Jean, I will close for tonight as it is already ten oclock .  Write when you have time and be sure to write Hazel and Linda often for I know they love to hear from you.  Tell the kids hello.  Lots of love.  Mama and all.
Dal ate a lot of the candy.  He liked it.Did I tell you Billy Peay came by and seen me one afternoon.  He is still the same sweet old Billy but I don't tell Joan that. He brought me a picture he had some man to paint of Joan at the State Fair.  I guess it cost him $25.00 or $30.00, in a pretty frame.  So when Martha came up I was telling her Billy brought me Joan's picture and she said I wonder why he give it to you.  And I said well he is getting married. And Joan was in the bathroom and she hollered oh no and I said well you shouldn't care, but she didn't want to hear he was getting married.
Jean, Mark is going to try to get a job at Krogers when school is out.  Clifford Hall and Steve Johnson have already got one down there for weekends, but Mark has a good job at Coys just for the weekend.  But Mildred Reed said she'd help Mark get on down there.  She said Randy Green was working down there.  Said he was a smarty and his daddy was that way.  Virgina Hoover's boy married and is expecting a baby.  He is so young.  They start you off at $1.80 pr hour.  I want Mark to go see Ken and Don as soon as school's out and stay a week and then he can go to work.