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March 26, 1969

Hell Jean and family.  How are you all?  For us, we are froze up.  I mean that March wind cuts you just like a knife.  Cathy come up today and me and her washed the dining table chair.  They was so dirty.  Well, Ovie come by from work tonight .  She said they was off tomorrow and she had so much she was going to do and tonight Deb and Shane come down.  Shawn brought his speller and Joan helped him.  He said she helped him once before and he made a A.  I don't know if he was telling the truth or not but Joan made him write them off a lot and that will make you learn better.  Larry still likes his job.  Roger Dale, Claudeen boy married about two weeks ago.  I talked to Mae tonight and she said Tommie was sick said he wasent able to work Mon. or today and he went to the doctor toady .  Said the doctor wanted him to stay but he dident.  I thank he has ulcers.  I can't spell it but it's his stomach.  He has a lot of trouble with his stomach.  Jean, Mable Reed's girl got married last Friday night.  Ruby made the cake and cooked the supper.  Poor Ruby.  She has cooked at least half a dozen cakes for weddings.  I wish she could have one herself.  Coy Smithson married them.  Well I talked to Myrna today.  She said Jackie had been having stomach trouble for the last week but he has had it before.  He went on a soft diet way back but he said today he guessed he was smoking too much.  Gail has the same thang.  Gail is doing real good now.  He has been working for Joe for the last three weeks.  They worked all last week and worked two days this week at Bakerstown.  So Joe told Gail if he'd help him down there, he'd give him $100 a week.  That is $2.50 per hour, so he went.  Joe said he was a real good hand.  Joyce made her last car payment last month.  So they should get in good shape soon and get them some new things for the house.  Jean, don't forget Timmy's birthday.  He was down here Sunday evening and asked me what I'd have for his birthday supper.  Said he'd come the first day of April.  So I told him I'd make him a cake.  So I will.  Eva said they'd come.  They can come and get Shane.  Well, Martha dident come home Saturday night so she called Sunday night and said she was homesick.  Said she went to church and came home and messed around till it was too late to come home.  And Callie Ann went home and said she got homesick but said she'd be home one night this week. 
Ray came down this afternoon.  He is working there in Woodbury.  Jean, the woman that Ovie loaned Pierre to to breed her dog, well, the dog had five puppies.  So Ovie gets first pick.  Tell Liz and Jamie that Jacqueline had a rabbit and Greg had one and the dog got Jacqueline's.  So we will raise her another one.  And Robert and Marsha got a pair.  Mark still has one so he is giving it to this girlfriend for Easter. 
I went to see Jess Saturday.  I thank he was better than he was when I seen him before.  So he said he got a letter from Doris on Friday.  Said she'd be home for Easter.  So maybe I will get to see them.  I wrote her a long letter a month or two ago but she never has answered it.  But I thank she works at school part-time.  Ruth and Joe was at church a few weeks back.
Jean, Alberta Lee's boy, Jerry has been awful bad.  He had a blood clot.  They thought he would die for a few days.  Gay and Thomas came home.  They got here last Saturday night.  But Era told me at church Sunday the doctor said if they could keep him quiet and he dident have another clot he would make it.  Said Alberta and Oliver was just out of their minds and you know they are.  Era and Bailey went about three days straight to Nashville last week.  Luke's boy carried them.  Jean, how is little George?  I would like to see them all three.  How is the ladies?  I bet they are almost grown and how is big George?  And does he get home every week?  Jean, I thought you was going to cal last Sunday.  Joan and a girl Joan works with made Joan a little hat for Easter.  It matches her Easter coat.  It is checked.  The coat and hat and the dress is solid.  Burton Cawthon's wife made it.  It is beautiful.  Well, Jean, it is getting late so I will close.  Write soon.  Mama 
Dal is feeling pretty good.  We never go to bed till 10:00 after the news goes off.  Write soon and tell the kids hello.
Jean, about Alberta's boy.  Well, he had a cold and they said he called Alberta and said his head was hurting.  She got up and gave him a aspirin and he told her to go to bed he'd be alright.  But said she just went and sat down on the couch and she heard something and went to him and he was just out.  They rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said he had a bad blood clot.  So Ruby Gay and Thomas came Saturday night.  But he is some better.  Maybe he will be okay. 

Lots of love, Mama

Tell the girls I am ready for another letter and some pictures they draw.