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Sunday Night  March 16, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all? For us we are all pretty good.  We had a wonderful day.  The sun shined all day and was nice and warm.  Joan and Bill and another couple went to the college and played ball.  Mark and Alvin went out to Woods and played basketball.  So Deb came and stayed a while and Martha came up this afternoon.  She was fine.  And Joe, Robert, Marsha and Eleasa came down tonight and stayed awhile.  They came after two rabbits.  Their eyes was as big as saucers. They was so glad to get them.  I just wonder how long they will last.  Well, Shane came last night and stayed till this morning.  Ovie came and picked him up.  Kathy and Alvin came for dinner from church and Gail ate dinner with us.  He is working for Joe right now.  Joe is working way down toward Nashville for Billy Vaughn.  So he told Gail if he'd go help him about two weeks, he'd give him a $100 a week $2.50 per hour.  It is a man that Dal built 17 houses for over the years.  It is down in Bakertown.  So Joe wants to carry as many hands as he can so he won't have to make many trips.  Well, Jean, Ruth and Joe was at church and Ruth said Jess had become so dissatisfied at the rest home.  She asked me when I had seen him.  It had been three or four weeks, back before we went to see Hazel.  But he told me the last time I was there that there was a nurse there that treated him awful.  Dal said he told him he wish Ruth and Ray would carry him back to Central State.  Howard said he told him he wished he had stayed in Manchester Rest Home.  And Howard said he just wondered why Jess would say that for he has always liked the Woodbury Hospital so good for he had so many of his folks that goes to see him. But Ruth was worried about him.  She said Billy went to see him last week and he was just out of his head.  He was so upset.  It sure is bad but Ruth and Jewell don't realize it.  But just as soon as they bury Jess they will find they are old.  It will come on them so soon.  Just thank Jewell has a beautiful home, all kind of room and last summer they fixed their basement and Jess could have stayed down there and she could have set and sewed and talked to him and made him happy and would have helped her.  Well, Jean we have had several deaths in the last month.  Cousin Ora Reed died so I baked a chocolate pie and carried it to the funeral home.  So the next week Gertrude's sister, Peggy got killed so I took sausage and made biscuits and carried to the funeral home.  And the next week Mrs. Woods' daddy died so I baked a caramel pie and carried out there.  And last Thursday Mr. Harmon Barrett's daddy died, so I baked a coconut pie and made a bowl of potato salad and carried it over to Mrs. Barrett.  So looks like we are pretty busy.  And today Cleng West had a daughter to die.  I think she was 37.  She is Jack West's sister and she had a sister, Helen.  I guess she went to school with her.  Well, the woman lived in Chicago.  So they brought her home this last week and she died today.  Eva Lois was down here last night and Cleng West is Eva's mother's first cousin.  So Eva said she had cirosis of the liver.  Said she had been drinking for about seven years and her man is in bad shape too.  He drank too.  Eva said that Cleng and family didn't know they was drinking like that.  They came home about twice a year.  But one thing for good they didn't have any children to leave.  Jean, Dal sold 20 pigs before we went to Hazel's.  He got $14 each for them.  They brought $280.  So he sold 17 last Thursday and they brought $15.50 each.  So Dal said the 37 pigs brought $544.60.  So we kept two little runts.  They look like little rats.  So Dal said he would just let them run here in the lot.  And if they come out we could kill them this Fall for meat.  I know they will make fine hogs later.  It was because we had so many to push them off from the feed and always a little one or two in the bunch.  Jean, Ruth said she had a lot more things for Sherry.  That sure is good on Hazel for Ruth gives her nice dresses for Sherry.  Jean, that baby of Kathy's has two teeth.  Ray said he got a birthday card from Hazel.  Did you send one?  Ray is hoping to get a job at the new factory there close to his house.  I do hope he gets it.  Tim is fine.  He called me the other day and said he wanted to tell me his birthday was the first of April.  Said to tell you and Joyce.  So let Liz and Jamie send him a card.  He said Mrs. Carnahan had already give him her gift, a pair of p.j.'s poker dotted he said.  Jean, you won't have to worry about Ovie not giving you all Pierre.  For she is hoping for you all to get him back in good shape.  He eats as good as Shane.

PS:  Jean, it is Monday and it is another beautiful day.  Dal has gone to get potatoes and onions toput out.  Us and the Gaither's are going to see Joyce after Easter.  They really are planning on going big.  Joyce invited them to come with us.  I bet Linda and Joyce had a big time this week.  I got a short letter from Joyce Saturday.  Jean, did I tell you Mable Reed's little girl is getting married?  Jackie and Myrna came down last Saturday night a week ago for supper.  They was fine.  Jean, I am sending your tax receipt.  Jackie has bought them a color tv.  Dal went over there the day he carried the pigs to the sale and went up to Jackie's and watched the space men come down.  You know what I mean.  He said it was real good.  Joe and Dal said Jackie had a good place for a tv.  Said it was up on a hill and it showed such a clear picture.  Joan had her a pretty coat and dress made for Easter.  Her and Bill are getting along fine.  Well, tell all the kids hello and I sure did enjoy their letter.  If they drawed those pictures by theirself they done awful good.  Well, take care and write soon.

Lots of love, Mother

Jean, Joan said you was suppose to call yesterday but I said it was next Sunday.  So I stayed here all afternoon.  Thought Joan might be right but you didn't call so call any day.  Or was I right, is it next Sunday?  I will be here.  Lots of  love, mama and all.