Pablo Software Solutions Gramma's Letters 1-30-69
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Sunday Night   Feb 9, 1969

Hello Jean and family.  How are you all?  For us, we are all better with our colds.  Well we ate breakfast this morning at eight oclock and then we fixed a little dinner and went to church.  It was a big crowd there.  Jonnie and Floyd was there, so they came down by here this afternoon and stopped by to see the baby and the rabbits.  Cathy and Alvin came up for dinner.  It was the first time we seen the baby since last Sun and I could tell she had growed so much.  She's been real sick with a bad cold.  Cathy carried her to the Dr Fri and Alvin's little sister has had the flue to.  Mrs. Brandon stayed in bed all day yesterday, Cathy said.  The baby is a lot better now.  Jonnie has a spell over the baby.  She said that she'd give anything if she had a little girl baby.  So the boys just had a fit over all the rabbits and the pigs.  We are carrying Roger and Terry a pair of rabbits when we go.  Dal will sell 25 or 30 pigs this Thursday at the sale barn.  They have one about ever two weeks.  So Dal will carry ours off Thursday the 13th.  I hope we can go on to see Hazel's family Fri, but Dal said he guessed we'd wait till Mon but I do hope to go Fri.  I had a letter from Joyce Sat and one from Lynda Fri.   They are all fine.  I have not heard from you or Hazel in over a week.  I feel like you or Hazel both should be able to write one letter a week.  I do all I have to do and have more in and out company than any five families in Readyville and I never miss writing four letters a week and sometimes I write Doris a long letter.  I went to see Jess yesterday and Aunt Cynthia.  She asked me to come and cut off her toe nails ever since Xmas.  So Sat I just went and cut them off for her.  She said her feet felt so much better and Jess, he is in bad shape.  Looks feebler than I have ever seen him and cousin Ora is just laying there.  Mable is still not working.  Jean, Joyce just called.  She is fine and Tommie was working tonight.  She seems to be real happy.  Said Shawn was mean as ever.  How is Liz and Jamie and little George.  And how is George's mother.  Does she write often?  Jean. Wiley Reed went broke.  He has ever thamg up for sale-- house and all.  I wish Hazel and Al could have bought it,  but of course they have already bought a nice house.  But I feel sorry for Wiley.  They have two babies you mite say and Frain is not over 9 years old.  Gracy went to GE last week and applied for a job. Somebody said anythang could happen to Wiley.  Said he was the most depressed person they vere talked to.  But Jean it is just not nothing in carpeting.  For on one job you mite make and the next lose all.  So I thank Jackie is better off than any of them.  He gets $140.00 a week strait now.  That's $560 a month and that as much as any carpenter could make in the summer.  And just thank Jackie gets that rain or shine ever week.  Joe and Mary are fine.  Marsha looks real bad.  She don't eat nothing.  She just sets around.  Joe said he had to get her some vitamins to take one a day.  Ray and Eva came down Fri night and then they came last nite for a while and then came back by here and stayed a while.  Ray painted a lot in the courthouse and now is painting the jail.  He's got more friends than Joe and Jackie put together in Woodbury.  I thank he gets $2.00 per hour for painting now and Judge Mitchell thanks he is the stuff... says he is the best painter he ever saw.  Jean, Ray Dave Reed goes to Vietnam in a month.  He came home this morn.  Jackie and Myrna and Greg came down a while this afternoon to see the rabbits.  Martha dident come home this weekend and then she came last Tuesday night.  She looks so good and is doing fine.  Well Jean, it is getting late.  I will close.   Write soon.  Dal and my colds are better.  I feel pretty good.  I am still on my diet and Dal is feeling pretty good.  We have had rain for weeks.  If you don't hear from me, you just study and see if  you have wrote. Ha.  Mama and all.