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                 1929 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan

The antique Model A Ford is powered by a four-cylinder flathead engine that generates 40 horsepower. The transmission is a four speed with floor-mounted shift that requires delicate shifting due to its non-synchromesh design.

Two levers mounted on the steering wheel column are essential to the car's operation. The spark lever advances and retards the ignition timing, while the idle lever sets idle speed. To start the car the ignition timing must be retarded. Once the engine fires, the timing is advanced to keep the motor running. Then the idle lever is used to set the idling rpm before engaging the transmission.

The Ford's 21-inch wire wheels are stopped by a mechanical system of rods that push brass-woven brake linings against the steel brake drums.
This photo was given to Don by Alta Beck (Grandma) in 1979.  She told Don this was Grandpa's first automobile.