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East of Buffalo Ranch and West of Miami in Oklahoma lies a famous very old section of Route 66.  It is notable because it is some of the oldest and narrowest of the old road still around and it is drivable.  On either side of the road there is also a rare white curb that is not viewable any other place on 66 as far as I know.

I was giving my older brother a tour on Monday, September 15, 2008 and after a nice visit in Afton we were excited to see how cars used to travel by checking out this old section.    Imagine our surprise when the entrance off of the newer 66 to this wonderful old pavement was blocked by the county road crew.  Imagine even  more of a surprise that they were paving over some of the orginal 9 foot sections with the famous white curbs.  I asked the man in the van if we could go around the back way over the old bridge and he said yes, but they would be through paving in an hour if we wanted to come back.  I asked him about paving our beloved Mother Road and he said they were just going as far as the Vo-Tech school. 

I drove around the other way and captured these rare photos of the sacrilege of Sixty-Six.  The fellow on the roller was not fond of my camera and I caught him in the middle-finger salute, maybe he was a bit ashamed of his actions.  Actually, I do not hold these guys to blame but it sure did hurt to see the damage done.  I remembered back to my first time to find this piece of history and how fun it was discovering it and following it down its' length.  The next to the  last picture in this series shows the new asphalt covering part of the road with the white border of the old road visible for a few more minutes before it is forever covered.  The only other time I saw 66 paved was in the movie CARS. 

The last picture is my brother laying down his body to block the workers from continuing any further.  May He Rest in Peace.