Thursday, February 10, 2011  Snow Pictures

Thursday, January 27, 2011  My first attempt at a semi-professional crossword puzzle, version to work online is here,  version to print and work is here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011  Wendy's good old Dr. Frank offers her some career help, a "feel good" email!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011  New old photos of rescue vehicles arriving at Amboy Crater in May, 2003

Monday, January 17, 2011  Link to a web page made for the teardrop forum, from Thanksgiving 2010

Wednesday, January 12, 2011  Post about a quick trip through Rhyolite, Nevada

Sunday, October 24, 2010  Old Feller aka 90 Year Old Man versus the Oak Tree

Saturday, October 2, 2010  A history of John's Modern Cabins, from Route 66 News.

Thursday, September 30, 2010  A review of the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri on Route 66.

Sunday, August 29, 2010  This is a preview of the new Route 66 booklet in the making.  Each page will feature a 66 topic, along with riddles and puzzles and places to write. It is another novelty item that will be produced by Atomic Bomb Toys in association with Floyd's Barbershop.  This page is a first draft about the Shaffer Fish Bowl near Cool Springs, Arizona.

Friday, April 23, 2010  Pictures of Hunter and Chloe at the Old Mill In North Little Rock from Friday, April 16 before the Junior-Senior Banquet are here. I wish Gramma could have seen her grown-up grandson.

Saturday, February 27, 2010  From the Newspaper clippings morgue, a picture of Roger here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010  A Valentine Video for Cindy here.      

Sunday, January 17, 2010   I found this classic video of the Ballad of Jed Clampett in my files and believe the world is ready for the debut of Terry 'Elvis' Beck.  Remember you knew me when!

Brother Roger is seriously considering buying some acreage as an investment and to help pass his idle time.  Here are some photos of this modern porcine factory complete with all the latest industrial equipment and production facilities. ROGER'S FARM

Monday, January 11, 2010  First published in 1997, AMAZING ARKANSAS, the best selling little book with 500 state facts is available at Barnes and Noble Book Stores. Coming soon, the World's Smallest Arkansas Book titled 'THE ARKANSAS POCKETBOOK'.  Keep watching for more details.

THursday, December 24, 2009  A Country Christmas Tale to warm your heart.

Monday, December 21, 2009  Click here to see Lucy, Shelley's and Chuck's new baby.

Friday, December 18, 2009  The Christmas letter that did not make it into Dad's X-mas card is here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009   Here are links to a video and some still pictures from Saturday after Thanksgiving at Dad's. Most of them are of three grandkids and a few of Dad.

Friday, October 30, 2009   Halloween Eve or All Hallow's Eve Eve A special treat but not for the squeamish. An original composition THE LOST PIRATE SONG by yours truly T-Elvis Beck.  He is my cousin you know.
Please note, it may take a second for the song to load.

Wednesday, October 27, 2009  Just in time for Halloween I present a true story with a valuable lesson.  The adult version is The Strange Case of the Flea Market Marionettes.  The kid friendly version is only for those 12 years and under.  It is The Strange Case of the Flea Market Puppets. Read it with the lights off for the best effect.   !!!BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION AT THE END OF THE STORY!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2009    It's not new but here is a link to "WHAT HAPPENED TO WENDY" in 2003.  Here is a link TENNESSEE MEMORIES from the Rogers CD.  Lick here for pictures of Noah and Treece's wedding.  All of these were from my old web site.

Here is the article about the World's Smallest Route 66 Book from Route 66 Magazine.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009   After looking at a teardrop website and viewing others posts of their teardrop voyages I decided to put together some of my own photos for others to check out.  This contains a lot of pictures and the internet actually ran out of space but I did some downsizing and here is the large set of photos, some with notes by me.  66 Teardrop Trips

Wednesday, October 14, 2009  For those of you who know the name Two-Gun Miller here is an article from the archives of March, 1947 of the Desert Magazine about the Seven Cities of Cibola complete with photos and a map.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009   Brother Don writes an action-packed account of a trip out West to visit Two Guns and the Apache Death Cave!  This bold adventure is only available HERE!!!

Also a work in progress is a ROUTE 66 PHOTOS page.

The following post is for Gramma Sherry.

Here is a VIDEO OF LUKE WALLS who brought his Mom and Dad to Sherwood to see his Great Grandfather and his cousin Adam for a first look at him. Note that this plays with Windows Media Player and will take a minute or two to download if you have a high speed connection.

Here are the PICTURES OF LUKE used in the video.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009    SCANS FROM AN OLD BECK PHOTO ALBUM with pictures from the 1940's to the 1990's.

July 24, 2009  MEMORY LANE  Mom had a two day old baby 51 years ago and I have been growing ever since.  I found these copies of some of Dad's old slides that I don't think I ever put online.  These are pictures most of you have seen before from various spots in Al and Hazel's history.  The Indian dance pictures were not taken by Dad but bought by  him somewhere in Oklahoma.  I don't know if I got to go on that trip but I cannot remember it.  On my list of things to do is see native Americans in their traditional outfits replaying their ancient customs.  Click here for the link to DAD'S OLD SLIDES.

July 2 & 3, 2009  Beck family get together at Charlton campground on Walnut Creek.  A collection of 80 photos.

June 20, Saturday   Charlton Campground, (click here for pictures of this beautiful swimming spot) Ouachita National Forest, Crystal Springs, Arkansas   Cindy and I decided to spend a Thursday night camping and an online search for the best places in Arkansas listed this place in the top ten.  It looked fairly peaceful and was only 15 miles west of Hot Springs so we chose it.  After several stops looking for used bookstores and a place to buy a deli sandwich for our supper in the camper, we had spent four hours making the ninety minute trip. There was still a lot of daylight left when we arrived around four p.m. so we picked out one of the last three camping sites avaialble and set up our teardrop, plugged into the electric box and set the a.c. to the 'hi' setting.  Our campspot was a good one as it was the last one on the loop so we only had neighbors on one side.  We visited with the host as he drove by on his little  electric wheelchair car and he was very nice and took a tour inside and out of the 'baby cabin car', the name I gave our teardrop.  We had eaten lunch at Wendy's in Hot Springs after finding Noah was on a service call there.  I tried to enjoy my food as they 'I-phoned' the calories count of everything we had ordered and apparantly my calorie count totaled about 40,000.  Still I am used to ignoring them so I managed to enjoy the food, enough to feed a small village in Indonesia or about 200 children.
Well back to the campground....The host told us to check out the swimming spot on Walnut Creek, which we had only glimpsed on the drive in to the camp and he told us a bit of history. It was built by the CCC in the thirties to provide jobs during the depression and was cool, clear, creek water, nice for a refreshing dip to escape the heat.  It has been a very hot June for the second half but it seemed much more tolerable here in the trees and shade of the  
Ouachita Forest.

We then left the camp and drove the mile to the very nice swimming area.  It is about 500 feet from the shallow end of the creek to the stone dam and the water is crystal clear.  At the deep end by the dam you could see the gravelly floor under about nine feet of water, which was best entered by jumping off one of the two wooden octagon-shaped docks.  The shallow end slowly lowered in depth until it was only a few inches deep.  Most of the swimmers were tots under six with their parents or grands and they were fun to watch as they laughed and some of the older boys caught crawdads and scared the girls.  It was a very quiet place and I hung to a cheap wal-mart flourescent green child's float tube in the pleasant water as I listened to the voices that floated effortlessly over the creek.  Cindy and I floated the length and back once and she ventured under the old concrete walking bridge with me, where our heads barely cleared the bottom as we slid under the cooler shaded water and came out to the other side of the six feet structure. 

I can recommened this park if you enjoy swimming or lounging in water that is a nice temperature, and if you like a green thick grassy carpet to sit on the bank, with your choice of sun or shade.  Restrooms and a water faucet are available here too and all is in a setting of wood, concrete and stone so you can pretend it is a time long ago, like I do.  Several cooking grills and picnic tables are available too.  This place is just off of Highway 270 and fifteen miles east of Mt. Ida.  Mt. Ida has a supermarket where we bought New York strip steak and French bread along with baked beans and charcoal for an old-fashioned cook-out on Friday night.  Oh, and of course, we had to restock our supply of Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew which were on sale for $4 a twelve pack.  We passed a restaurant on the way to Mt. Ida that looked like it might hold a future meal for us, and also an antique store that I don't want to forget.  Mt. Ida had a 'dairyette' in town whose sign said best burger and shakes, so that was quite a temptation to pass up, and it was also packed with cars. 

About three miles west of Charlton towards Hot Springs were two small stores with sandwich counters, the old General Store also had a good suasage, biscuit and gravy for $2 and fair coffee and just past the liquor store was a small cafe that would be easy to miss if you were not looking.  Gas, pop and ice are all there too so this little camp spot has all you need without going to the big city.

We enjoyed our two days and nights of swimming, reading and camping and even watched a terrible movie we had rented on DVD about a grizzly bear killing a group of derelict campers and if I could do it over I would rather take my chances with the bear than watch the movie.  We departed on Saturday leaving about 8:45 and getting home about 1:00  p.m. after a few stops looking for junk and one good chocolate ice cream cone.  See ya, later, it's time for supper now.  Terry

April 22,  Wednesday   Terry's Teardrop description

April 21,  Tuesday   Last year I decided to build a teardrop trailer and I decided to use a 1947 camper to style mine after.  I chose this one because of the beautiful wood finish it had inside and out and because a very nice fellow in Illinois had built one (and did and incredible job) and he was kind enough to be my instructor for all the questions I would have as I went along in this endeavor.  Rob's version was exquisite in detail with an enclosed half tub and a toilet in a separate bathroom section and also included a sink and a/c and heating.  Thanks Rob for you detailed answers and time spent helping this stranger.

I bought a regular-sized steel trailer with 15 inch wheels off of Craigslist but I could not bring myself to begin building the trailer to the scale of the 1947 model and Rob's version.  Rob copied the 47 model closely but modernized it inside and both were about 16 feet long and 6-7 feet wide if I remember correctly.  I finally decided to build a baby sized version to see if I liked this kind of work as a hobby and if I had the ability to complete the task.  I used the internet and found most home built teardrops were built on a small Harbor Freight frame.  I waited for it to go on sale and purchased it for about $200.  Little did I know that the work and money involved were going to muliplied by 10 from what I had imagined.   THANKS FOR NOT WARNING ME ROB!  

I probably would not have undertaken the task or at least would have developed a diiferent mental attitude and time frame if I had of undertaken it.

I started out with great patience in January and must say spent about 3 months with attention to detail, fretting, worrying too much and generally spending too much effort thinking rather than making progress.  My patience wore thin after that and I finally got productive.  Had I continued at my first pace I am almost sure this project would have been put away for a later date and may have never reached the point it is at now.  The quality of my craftsmanship surely suffered but thanks to it representing a 47 model and the all wood finish, it allowed for some sloppiness and still managed to look vintagely retro.  In other words, the style helped cover my carpentry shortcomings and lack of patience.

The amount of sanding, varnishing, cutting, rubbing, measuring, wiping, going to the hardware store and the amount of money spent on small things  was nothing short of ridiculous.  I do not want to know what I spent and don't ask.    To give you and idea in general, I estimate I used $75 in sandpaper and learned to buy the 20 sheet economy size.

I will cut to the chase as I am tired and have not have much time off since starting this behemoth project.  Here is a link to the photos of my 98% finished baby-version of the 1947 Cabin Camper.  I ripped off Rob's version whenever I wanted so it really is a replica of his homage to the Cabin Car.  I know he won't mind.  I have yet to tow it down the road since my only run down the freeway with it after I first installed the plywood floor.

Hopefully it will pull well on the open road and all will stay in place and I will return with more photos.

Terry's Baby version of Rob's version of a 1947 Cabin Car teardrop trailer


1-14-09  Wednesday   Cindys' birthday today, waiting until Friday and the kids will come over for who knows what.  2009 is disappearing quickly.  I've been working on a repro of a 1947 wooden teardrop camper, Cindy has been recovering from surgery, Hunter is back in school as is Wendy.  Slowly getting back to a routine.  I have not had much desire to add to this web site as I have been busy with holidays, visiting, working and playing.  I hope that soon I will get involved again and start adding to it.  Since it is January I will say that I have plans for one last diet and exercise plan, get to a weight I am happy with and maintain.  I hope to post results her whether anyone cares to read them or not.  I would like to get some of my family involved in this public posting too, hoping it will encourage us.  Instead of posting weight in pounds  I will just post weight loss.  As of today I will start at 0 pounds lost.  I plan to drop 2-3 pounds a week and I have begun dieting but have not worked in any daily exercise routine yet.  Well I just wanted to post something to try to jump start this web site again.  It would be encouraging if any readers would email me so I think someone is looking at this stuff.  On the main page upper left there is a link to my email.

12-24-08 Wednesday  Christmas Eve....  Wow!  It has been a long time since anything new was added.  About to go the in-laws for some  X-mas activities and food.  Here is a little Holiday spirit straight from us to you.  Certainly hope you enjoy my little Christmas video to make your season a bit warmer.  TERRY'S CHRISTMAS CHEER VIDEO

11-15-08  Saturday   Sorry it has been so long since I updated, been taking care of business or as Elvis used to say TCB.  The latest post is titled ADVENTURES WITH DAD #1 where I chronicle a trip to the commissary. 

10-27-08  Monday    Rebel Yell script finally released to public, potential big time movie script.

10-21-08 Tuesday   First News from the Sasparilla Kid who caught a train and ran away from home a few days ago. On the homefront, Ken has been down, lots of food eaten, a little work done and less sleeping. 

10-18-08 Saturday   Pictures from the dedication last night of the new Science Building additionat C.A.C. in honor of Doug and Kathleen Freeman have been added.  push the play button when the browser opens up to view this

10-16-08 Thursday  It has been 10 days since I updated.  So what has been happening?  Roger was down weekend before last while his family went to the beach without him.  Don came down that Saturday and we grilled burger and wieners and hung around the house with Dad then went to Paul's on JFK to find it closed and the fixtures auctioned off.  It had been around for decades.  So went to the Dixie Cafe after which I went home. Roger stayed until Monday and left early to get a few  hours in at work.  Dad got a new mower and used it quite a bit to clean his yard up.  Ken and Wendy took a trip up Northeast and drove on the coast highway 1 and enjoyed the fall colors.  Dad and I started a new addition to the backside of Shady Acres with a 12 foot wide lean-to with a metal roof, so I spent some time on that.  Sherry came down for her annual girl-scout weekend where she said they bashed McCain, and on Sunday she came to Dad's and stayed until Monday afternoon.  I think she said she will not be back until Thanksgiving.  Hunter turned 16 Sunday and with the in-laws, we went to Corky's BBQ for lunch.  He got a car radio for his birthday and will drive the black SUZUKI SUV when he is officially licensed next month.  Sunday afternoon we worked the crossword puzzle or at least started it and that took care of that day. 

I never mentioned that on our anniversary Cindy and I took the convertible to Fort Walton Beach where we relaxed on the ocean, watched movies, read and what else, ate.  We had fun going to a few old shops where I found some neat western totem pole bookends and a fifties wall light that shows what looks like a waterfall with moving water.  Not sure why I bought it.  I also bought an old Clue game for $5 that said was complete but it was missing a candlestick and something else.  On the way home we stopped at the USS Alabama where Cindy bought a book and had it signed by the author, a POW from WWII.  We also visited a roadside zoo somewhere along the way where there were tigers and lions, along with other exotic animals in some folks back yard.  There house trailer was in the middle of it all and the young teen-age son told us to pay when we got through looking.  We left on Thursday and stayed until Monday and visited Transylvania, LA on the way home. 

Don and Cindy left last week for Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Bisbee and Tucson and are probably heading back this way to get home this weekend.  So all the Beck kids have been on the road in the last month doing our part to help the economy.  Yesterday I put half of the metal roof up on the new lean-to and as it is raining I do not plan to get anything done today outside.  I will take Dad to the commissary in a while and then he has a Dr. appointment for a check-up on his heart. 

It is a quarter till eleven and that is all I have for now.  Ken is due in next week with kids in tow.

10-06-08 Monday     Lots of new stuff added today, six more letters from Gramma so you don't miss out on Readyville and Woodbury news, a never before told story about the Beck boys testing Dad's authority, Roger's Summer Project 2008, a few pictures Sherry sent were added under her name in the People section, and Don's Mayberry trip and Walton Mountain trip has been updated with some more photos.  Send comments to let me know you are out there.  My email is on the front page.

10-03-08  Friday    PART 1    Oklahoma trip Three Brothers on the Route  words by Don pics by Terry.
                    PART 2    This is a photo slide show of the trip.  Use the pause button to stop the automation so you can read the captions.

9-24-08   Wednesday     I have several items to post but other things have prevented it from happening.  I have been  working on sales a bit at work, doing some repairs on cars and took Dad to the base today.  Tomorrow I plan to put some brakes on Doug's truck (father-in-law) and put some finishing fixes to the BMW convertible.  There is a good chance Cindy and I will take a trip for a few days leaving tomorrow and I want to drive it.  Sherry and Mike are in the Northeast on vacation.  Dad needs a new riding mower.  I don't see how I can get it all done in time tomorrow.  Will update you when I can.

9-20-08   Saturday    COMING SOON   Pictures and the story of Ken, Don and Terry's trip to Oklahoma and Route 66 from Sunday and Monday.  Check back soon for more details.

9-18-08   Thursday    More letters from Gramma added.
                      Also, Don and Cindy's trip to TV Land (Mayberry and the Walton's house) in pictures.

9-17-08   Wednesday   "ROUTE 66 near Afton, Oklahoma paved"  in pictures-this is the very old 9 foot section.

9-10-08   Wednesday   Spent the day at Dad's cleaning up Wendy/Dad's car.  Ken called and will be down Friday since he retired yesterday.  We plan on a quick trip to Oklahoma Sunday and maybe Monday.  Ricky Beall's daughter's car broke down in Searcy so we went there this evening to check it out and I got home about 7:30.  Added a couple of things today, a link to the video of Gramma Rogers and Joan visiting Al and Hazel and also a photo video titled OUT WEST with pictures set to music.  More letters from Gramma to be posted as time permits.

9-7-07   Sunday    Here is Ken's last trivia column at the Tennessean where he has worked for 31 years.  You can also look at the links on for the AskKenBeck button to see it live from the Tennessean's website along with links to other columns.  He wrote a very good finale with a nice touch at the end.

9-4-09   Thursday   The first, with more to be added soon,  of Gramma Rogers' letters to daughter Jean is now posted here.  Also, these will be under the CD/Lois page.

9-3-08  Wednesday   Rain from Hurricane Gustav has kept us all inside except for the essential trips.  It is now going on its third day of wet weather and I know how Noah felt.  Brother Don is back from Chicago and sent these pictures of the big city and of some neat stops along Route 66 including Lincoln's grave and home in Springfield.  Ken called and said his last day of work at the paper in Nashville will be Friday or Monday. 

8-30-08 Saturday    Spent the day at Dad's. Sherry is down and we grilled dogs and burgers at Shady Acres.  Also changed the rotors on Sherry's Toyota and had  Pentecostal ice cream cone.  Uncle Joe's wife Mary died yesterday after a short bout with cancer.  Razorbacks are playing and Cindy and her Dad went to Fayetteville for the game.  Hunter on a camp outing at church. 

8-28-08  Thursday   Shady Acres is open for business!

8-27-08  Wednesday   Another busy day at the salt mines, Ward. Added a new page today called "Guess Where" under ODDS'N'ENDS.  Check it out and see if you can.

8-25-08  Monday    Spent the day at Dad's painting the camper and other things.  Nice outside. as bit of wind and a lot of clouds with just a few drops of rain, though it threatened all day.  Dad worked in the yard for a couple of hours cleaning out some weeds by the fence in the back corner.  Don and Cindy are in Chicago for the week on business.  Straightened up the web site some tonight and Wilbur called needing help with his cable again.  It is 10 to 9 and my bedtime.  That's all folks.

8-24-08  Sunday   Added to the Pink House Yard solving the Gramma/Eliase dilemma.  Also posted some of Dad's old slides for you to reflect on.  Several are pictures of places that I have never thought much about.  Spend some time looking at them and remembering when Mom and Dad were young.  Camper Conversion project photos.

8-23-08  Saturday    Drank coffee and rode around with Roger Ballard, then to Dad's and a hard crossword puzzle, after which we celebrated by Dad buying a round of fish sandwiches from Rally's for the three of us, Adam is the third.  A few chips and ales later I was out to improve upon the camper rear door which I built and installed Thursday, and it is better.  I ran my car battery dead listening to the radio but only after opening  the sun roof to keep it cooler.  I had also opened both front windows.  Out of nowhere a rainstorm came up pouring into my cool car interior.  So I had to pull the old truck up and jump the car to start it and to close up the windows and roof.  It got pretty wet and so did I.  I came home and took a shower and have been here since.  Reminisced a bit about the Pink House Yard here.


Friday  CD-Lois Rogers page


Thursday  Spent the day at Dad's working on the doors for the camper using scrap material.  Can't say that it turned as well as I hoped but I guess it will be adequate.  Dad came out and mowed for awhile but the mower sputtered and died a few time so I guess I will have to work on it.  Dad said Ken worked out an agreement with his company for an early retirement so he will begin a new phase of his life, after twenty plus years of commuting to Nashville.  I bet he will love the change, but I will have to remove the link to Ask Ken Beck from my home page.  Cindy and Hunter went to open house at school tonight and I went to the Beall's as they got an HD cable box for their new tv.  Not much but a busy day.  I did add Kevin's graduation photos yesterday.


Rainy Day in August in Little Rock.  Stayed inside most of the day and worked on this site.  Hunter has been in school a week now, Wendy is in her third month of nursing school, Cindy is teaching at Pulaski Tech with classes Tuesday/Thursday and office hours on Wednesday.  Added a section of Ben Lomond Graves under Ruben/Alta Beck page.


Monday, Been very busy with company Ken, Wendy and Cole visiting.  Spent most of yesterday outside at Dad's on the camper.  Sherry got back from Linda's last night and had a visit with Uncle Joe Rogers and wife Mary who is sick with colon cancer.  Today spent the day outside at Dad's again and Wendy prepared a roast dinner.  Still have a lot of plans for this site but I will just have to be patient.  I added a section of 'all pages' where I hope to have a link to every item on the site available in a mini-web page icon that can be clicked on to visit the site.   I also want to spend some time on making the site more attractive and make sure it looks correct on lower resolution screens but have not had a chance to get to that yet.  Still have more items from Don and Sherry to post and Ken is planning on sending some stories.  Of course, I always have photos old and new, that I hope to share.  The big picture would be to get news from the Beck's and Roger's relatives and post so we can keep up with our kin around the country.  It sounds like a lot of work but I enjoy it and know it would be a wonderful history archive in the years ahead.  Bedtime for me.

August 16, 2008

Saturday.   Work continued on converting the camper  into a storage shed. Don and I spent most of the day moving the camper up by the house and  setting it on blocks for a firm foundation.  Burgers and dogs were grilled  and eaten outside and a highly unusual pleasant day in August.  Six kittens were given out to stopper byers and one remains.  Ken and Wendy made it about two in the afternoon and the brothers drove over to NLR for sme Nazarene ice cream but Winkís was closed.  Not an exciting day but a good one and some tasks accomplished. 

A note on Grandpa Beckís first car.  Dad looked at the photo for several minutes and said that was not Rubenís first car and Gramma was mistaken.  Not  that it matters much but I want to be objective and present both sides of the story.  He also did not recognize the location of the photo, but it would be fun to find it and have a then and now photo with a modern car.

It is about 8:45, Friday, August 15, 2008.  I am about to go to bed but thought I would add today's news to the site.  Don came down about 9 am and we tore apart the old travel trailer to adapt it to a storage shed for Dad's mowers.  We had a pizze slice at Sam's Club, spent about $75 on lumber and other supplies  and left about 6.30 for supper where we split a catfish dinner and a beef patty/onion/mashed potato meal.. Both were excellent from Paul's Rest. on JFK where Roger is back and his kids where helping waiter.  Plan to go back tomorrow and work on the trailer some more as Don is spending the night with Dad and Ken and Wendy will be down tomorrow.   That is What's New! today.  Sherry was going to see Linda in Nashville today.

I am considering using this site for my personal diary so that later on I can look back and see what was going on.  If so, and you get homesick, you can look here frequently for what I am doing and any news I have to pass on from the rest.

                                             RUBEN LOWERY'S 1ST AUTOMOBILE

                                        8-13-2008            Pictures from Hazel's funeral/Readyville 2004

                                                8-13-2008                  William Mize section                           


Rogers of Readyville history with photos of old grave sites taken in 1979 ona trip by Don and C.D. Rogers.


AUGUST 3, 2008 
The Real Roswell-the Beck investigation

August, 2, 2008

Beck Family Reunion  1940, scan of a copy of the invitation letter.

                                 August 1, 2008

Posted some photos and thoughts about Uncle William Beck.

   July 31, 2008

Here is how boring today was.  I went to Dad's and he was in his recliner as usual.  It was very hot outside so I fixed an iced drink and sat in the other recliner.  We talked a bit about the weather, about the birds outside, about the puzzles in the paper (he had already worked the crossword, it was after 1:00) then he turned tv on.  Some of the cable channels would not work, in particular CNN, but the stock price channel worked and oil was at $124 even.  He flipped around several channels and stopped on the cooking channel.  I watched some Australian chef show some lady how to have a  party on a budget.  He kept watching and watching while I kept wondering and wondering when he would change channels.  After about ten minutes I looked over at him, and.......... he was asleep!       By the way, I like a boring day.

July 30, 2008   


Here is an interesting story on Bud's murder with details, part 1 , part 2.

July 29, 2008

                                                   THE FIFTIES

Well, a week ago I turned fifty years old.  Do I think about it? Yes, I do.  Mostly I wonder what happened to the last twenty years.  My childhood years are solidified in my memory pretty well.  There were a lot of changes, moves, schools,houses, cities, relatives, and holidays that seemed to keep life pretty interesting.  Then there was marriage and those first amazing years of being young and together.  Then came the kids and the thirties and the forties.  Those are the years I seem to have lost.  I know they existed, I have video tapes and pictures to prove I was there, but in my brain those years just seem to be gone, as if I was under anesthesa and just woke up.  Hunter, the youngest, is sixteen this October and will be driving.  My last child on the road, that is a sobering thought.   Five years ago he was a sweet, little ten year old who I could hold in my arms or get into bed and tell stories to.  I must say it is painful to see your children grow into adults as you have to admit that part of your life is over forever.  And yet we forge on to the next path knowing we are getting nearer and nearer to the edge of death.  I did hear some good news on the radio the other day though.  The report said that most of us are very happy during childhood.  Then somewhat happy up til our fifties but then we go into somewhat of a less happy period for a decade or so.  But in an interview with the elderly, researchers found out that the elderly are the happiest of all, even surpassing their chioldhood days.  I think the fifties decade is the time to worry about getting old and health and retirement and political troubles but maybe after that we give up and turn it over to the younger generations and learn to take what comes each day and enjoy it.  Maybe that is what I will try to do....starting now.

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Friday, July 22, 1958  It is my birthday, 53 years old.  I made a photo video and posted some comments here.       Read the comments first.   Comments here and video here as posted on Youtube.  If you care, do not read this comment until after watching the video. 

Sunday, July17, 2011  Noah, why did you show me this?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Squirrel hunting with Dad

Monday, July 4, 2011  Snake ranch, Uncle Bob's Mystery Shack, Home of "It", or the Regal Reptile Ranch, the name is still to be decided.  See the latest updates to the place here.

Monday, June 13, 2011  Lowell, Arizona, a hidden town one block from the Shady Dell Trailer Park

Tuesday, April 26, 2011  Pictures from the Roger's visit in April to see Al at his 92nd birthday and some from a trip to McLean, TX
for Sally's first view of Route

Monday, February 12, 2011      Second Crossword Puzzle with an Arkansas theme.  This is a pdf file you can print but the solution prints out on page 2.  Just print page 1 so you cannot cheat.